I Love Doctor Who(:

So.. I'll admit.. I had never seen an episode of Doctor Who, and I had laughed at my older sister for watching it a few times.. Then one day there was nothing on so I went over to Netflix and Doctor Who showed up.. I decided to watch the episode "Rose" Within the first few seconds I was like "Oh my god.. not one of THESE shows.. " Upon seeing a young blonde girl roll out of bed, kiss her mom, and leave I was almost ready to turn it off.. But I kept watching, The moment the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand and said one word "Run" I was starting to change sides. Alright.. maybe this show isn't that bad, despite the somewhat lacking special effects of the first season, it was pretty good. I watched Seasons 1-5 in about a week! Eccleston was great, and I'll admit I said "I hate David Tennant" in a fit of anger once Eccleston left, but 10 became a quick favorite, how could you resist that hair, those big brown eyes, and the glasses? 10 and Rose made me cry. 10 and Martha made me smile. And 10 and Donna made me cry, smile, and laugh sometimes all at once. Then..... David left.. I knew this would happen but never wanted it to come.. I didn't actually watch David's regeneration until AFTER I finished season 5.. odd, I know. Ill admit, I was angry and sad David left, and took it all out on Matt, a lot of people did.. But now I love 11 and feel like I'm closer to him than my best friend. Doctor Who has been one of those shows that I can turn to when I'm feeling down, it always cheers me up and has got me through some tough times. Thank you Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat, you guys have really made an impact on my life.(:

PS. Season 7? So good.
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lol this reminds me of how i was introduced to dr. who, only my mom is the one who was wathcing it in my house. q: if you could give a real name to the tenth dr. what would it be? and no david

<3 Just finished season 6 today. FINALLY! I can't wait to watch the new ones now :D