I Want...

I want the Time Lords back. Properly. I want them to be a presence in the Universe, once more. I’ve wanted them back since the very first episode, and I actually feel like the series isn’t complete without them. Not really.

I want to see Romana again. Either played by Lalla Ward, completely recast as a younger actress - I don’t mind. In the continuity established by the BBC New Adventures (which is now disowned) she became President of Gallifrey and ultimately went insane and power hungry - which was a shame, but certainly fit in with Doctor Who mythology. They all seem to go insane and power hungry eventually. But since that’s not part of the TV continuity, she can have her sanity back.

I want to see Leela again. Since Louise Jameson is in her sixties, she can hardly be a warrior any more, but she would have been experiencing the civilising elements of Gallifreyan culture for about 35 years now, so that barbarian part of her personality is likely to be a bit dormant, anyway. She’d be wiser and more settled. But I bet she’d be a bit bored, too. Or perhaps she’d have developed into a leader/tactician during the Dalek war. And this is science fantasy - it’s just about possible that a creative writer can come up with a vaguely satisfying rationale and have her pick up a couple of Time Lord tricks that could give her a quick regeneration. I’d love to see a new Leela become a regular travelling companion.

I want to see Susan again. She’s still out there somewhere, and by Christ she’s got to be pissed off. Fair enough, the Doctor dumped her with a human lover on Earth, before the writers established the Time Lord rules - including long life and regeneration. But those rules apply, now. And fair enough (again), it was never really established whether she was a Time Lord, anyway - or just a regular Gallifreyan. There’s been a long running dispute over whether she was genuinely the Doctor’s granddaughter. Either way, her return to the show is long, long, long overdue - and if she ever returns, there are some questions to be answered.

This turned out to be a very rambling post. But these are just a few of the things I’d love to see happen in Doctor Who.
TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
46-50, M
Jan 16, 2013