The Doctor And The Master

This is how I always saw the relationship between the Doctor and the Master.

They were best friends as kids. And then they grew apart. It’s a bit simplistic to say that one became good and one became evil, because they’re both much more complex than that. Especially since the Doctor can be pretty ******* nasty, sometimes.

But it’s safe to say that the Master became a power-mad, machiavellian, scheming, plotting megalomaniac who has no qualms about killing anyone who stands in his way, while the Doctor became the kind of person who has to save everyone.

So… now they have plans and morals and attitudes that aren’t just mutually contradictory. They have become the very antithesis of each other.

But they still want to be friends. And they could be friends again. If just one of them would just come to his senses and stop undermining everything the other one stands for and represents.
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If you REALLY want proof of the theory in action... In, perhaps, the most unpredictable fashion imaginable... Watch 'The Trial of a Timelord.

Now, Part 14 is a bit bullocks and The Master doesn't make an appearance until Part 13, however, still watch the whole thing so you can see just how high the stakes get for The Doctor in that story.

The Master is the sole reason the The Doctor survives this.

I so agree! And you could see that want/yearning to still be close as they were when they were children in the Christmas Special when we last saw the Master before The Doctor regenerated.
Both of them attempting to convince the other to come to their way of thinking.
It won't ever happen though, it would kill all of the writing staff's fun with The Doctor's arch-nemesis!

That's true. And there was that episode where the Doctor was begging the Master to regenerate, but he refused. That one really bugged me, because one of the Master's overriding instincts is survival - at absolutely any cost. He can be a walking, rotting, parody of himself, but he still absolutely refuses to die. So it really bothered me that he would refuse to regenerate in that episode.

hmmm....interesting take on this G-guy....I'm not really sure I can wrap my head around a destroyer type person ever being real friends with a save type.....But maybe......

The best episodes have always featured one of them trying to corrupt or save the other. Or some degree of bitterness and sadness, because of the ideological gulf that exists between them. There was a time when the writers ditched the subtlety and just made the Master a purely psychotic and sadistic character and that's when he was at his most boring.