Deliver Us From Evil Has Open My Eyes

Deliver Us from Evil (2006) is such a demanding documentary, it calls for your emotion, your attention, and the need for change. Watching this last week brought a surge of anger and outrage as I watch how certain institutions in this case a religious institutions trying to protect its own agenda. The documentary focused on exposing the sexual abuse done by catholic clergymen to children, and the subsequent systematic coverup done by the church. This show open my eyes, and as a Catholic watching this, the arguments and message of the documentary is a sound one. It was painful but it was telling us we need acknowledge that it exist and not let politics cloud our judgement

I have the highest respect for Father Thomas Doyle, Anne Jyono and the other victims bravery as they continued to fight on despite the huge stigma and obstacles. It was one of those few documentary which showed the impact of how politics has become a part of the religious institution. It has definitely prove my point, that all religion is not evil, it is the individual who makes that decision to be good or bad. Great, shocking and a Heartbreaking documentary.
anowc anowc
22-25, M
May 8, 2012