The genre of horror fiction has never worked for me because it honestly can’t compete with the horrors we see in the real world. What has been revealed about the Catholic Church in recent years is more horrific than anything the most gifted writers of fiction could ever create. This disturbing Frontline documentary, “Secrets of the Vatican”, originally shown on PBS earlier this year, not only implicates the church at the highest levels in the cover-up of widespread child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, but it also exposes corruption, decadence, and hypocrisy that goes well beyond that. The current pope seems genuinely interested in making badly needed reforms, but time will tell how far he is willing to go and how much success he will have. Personally, I think the institutional rot goes so deep, that whatever improvements come about under Pope Francis, they won’t be nearly enough. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that.

I’ve posted the documentary here in its entirety. I hope at least a few people will take the time to watch it.
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I actually enjoy some horror fiction precisely because it can't compete with real world horrors. It's not the same and sometimes that's nice.

I enjoy documentaries too...if only because I can feel more informed about things. Even when it's about some of the worst things at times. :(

Yeah, that has been quite the scandal for many, many years now. I'm glad somebody made a documentary (I'll be sure to try and make time to watch it properly-so thanks for posting it btw)

Sometimes I think people forget that even priests are just people too and capable of bad actions like anybody one might meet randomly on the street. And that you can't just dismiss evidence and suspicions because you don't want to believe someone is capable of doing bad things to others. Yet people do so all the time.

It's always hard to root out the bad eggs, because they will simply find different ways to hide what they are doing. There's really not much one can do about that-they will always be there. There will always be people who exploit others for their own benefit in hurtful ways. It happens. It sucks.

I think the most important improvement is having more layers of accountability. Because as the saying goes...the truth always comes out and people slip up. Perhaps with all the attention and future improvements, people may be more likely to report things and then... It's at that point in time that it's important that it be very hard for anything to be "covered up". And that's key...that somebody finds a way for investigations to be honest and effective in putting a case together.

Sarahbellas, you made some very good observations in your analysis. I do think you would find the documentary interesting, so I hope you are able to find the time to watch it at some point. There are also other issues besides the sex abuse scandal that are covered in the documentary that you may not be familiar with.