Let's Regulate Dog Breeders

WOW!  I know that it isn't good to start out too strong, but I DESPISE DOG BREEDERS!  I don't even know where to start, but something has got to be done to stop this cycle of too many dogs being born = put to death!

There are three  main violators:  1)  Dog Breeders who make their livings off the back (wombs) of innocent dogs.  All I can say is that how would you feel if you were forced to become a breeder dog?  You would live in a small wire cage maybe with other dogs. The bottom of the wire cage would hurt and eventually damage your paws to the point of disfigurement and extreme pain.  No medical care.  Your life is dispensable.  You are not groomed.  Your fur become matted and you develop mange.  Your life would consist of no kind human contact.  You are a breeding machine - PERIOD.  You would be forced to have litter after litter of puppies which would take its tole on your physical and emotional health, only to have your children "ripped" from you as soon as possible and then impregnated again!  What a sad, empty life. 

                                                              2)  The People who utilize and pay these breeders for puppies thus assuring the cycle continuing and, in in the process, denying life to wonderful shelter dogs all in the name of a dog who is preferred because it is "better" and "more desired" because it is of pure breed; and

                                                               3)  Finally, dog owners/caretakers who fail to spay/neuter their pets thereby allowing future, unwanted, mix-breed litters that over 70% of will die before their time due to abuse, accident (care) or "euthanasia".

Please don't even tell me that  - - "It's only a dog"   Anyone who has owned a dog and has allowed it to become a part of his/her life and develop its personality knows that's not true.  A dog is an intelligent, caring and beautiful creature.

Please reflect upon what I have to say.  Do not turn away from something that is unpleasant to think about.  Before you lay down your hard-earned dollars at a pet store or with a dog breeder, please visit and/or consider your local animal shelter.  These days you don't even have to physically visit.  You can access the shelter's web-site on line and view the animals available for adoption.

Have a Heart - - Be Smart - - Don't Stay in the Dark               Your future best friend is waiting for you, and needs you so badly that his appreciation will take a lifetime to express.
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I am but one ant on the speck of the planet. My life will never be written in the pages of history such as Joan of Ark or Madonna, but at least I do stand for and fight for something very important.