French Poodle?? Oh No! ;-)

For those folks who insist on calling poodles 'French Poodles' I've come across what I would consider to be irrefutable evidence which indeed indicates they are German through and through. While taking a bath Cocoa (my poodle) ventures up to the side of the tub to do our 'bath ritual' she so enjoys. I hang my wet dripping hand out and she licks the water off my hand. She's done this ever since she was a puppy. One time I glanced over at the Heineken sitting on the edge of the tub and thought, hmmmm. I cupped my hand and poured a small amount into it. She lapped it up with gusto and looked at me as if she wanted more! Now when I take a bath and have a beer I'll say, Would you like a taste of Beer?" and her ears perk up as if she's thinking, 'I thought you'd never ask!!!' :-)
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Poodles get a funny rap. Why are all the poodles in cartoons the hot girl dogs that the boy dogs lust after? Does that make the male poodles trannies? Or perhaps gay? And I think you are right about their origin - but give them a foo foo haircut, and they instantly become French. Go figure...

BTW - Aren't dogs wonderful?? Mine have always enjoyed licking the hand when I'm in the tub - I've always offered them "special water" from the bath (before it gets all soapy). As for beer - my two golden retrievers absolutely love beer. In the summer, when I grill outside and am sipping a beer, I'll grab two small bowls and each dog gets a little bit. They love it!

LOL!! That's great Stacy!! They get to join in on the summer fun!!!! :-)

LOL!!! Think she a free spirit...

THAT she is Mt! :-)