I always take my basset hound to the local dog park. So many different breeds and all of them are adorable. I especially love it when someone brings corgis :)
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What is a corgis

It was 4 o'clock in the morning when I wrote this post lol when people bring corgi's , the dog breed, is what I meant XD

I didn't know they were a bread­čś▒

XD corgi's do make the most delicious bread

WWW u eat them that's nasty madam

Yes they are especially nice with jam and butter XD

Eww my gosh I thought u loved them

I do love them they are adorable ;)

IV never seen them

So what does corgi bread taste like

Strangely enough, like pumpkin spice and raisins.

I thought we were serious now haha

Nope just messing with you :)


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