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Miss Ellie - The World's Ugliest Dog - Rip

Miss Ellie died a few days ago, in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. She was a Chinese Crested Hairless dog, with pimples and a lolling tongue. With her cataracts, lack of teeth and shock of graying hair, it is not hard to see why she was named after the matriarch in Dallas.
She won Animal Planet’s “Ugliest Dog” contest in 2009. She had a good life: lived to be 17 and had a career in show business, at a resort in the Smoky Mountains, before and after winning the contest.
I am writing this piece for two reasons. First, Miss Ellie looks, to me, an absolute sweetie and was, in reality, probably far from really being the world’s ugliest dog. Second, she raised $100,000+ for charity and is yet another illustration of the fact that, however unpromising someone or something may seem to be, whether in looks or intelligence, they should never be rejected as somehow useless or unworthy.
Miss Ellie’s parting gift may well be a much needed reminder to all of us never to judge by appearances.

unsichtbar unsichtbar 46-50 Jun 12, 2010

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