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Not One But Many

I don't have a dog of my own, but I'm teh volunteer night dude at the local shelter. I go in adn make sure the dogs get out at night - liberty pass. I've had some really great dogs. Our shelter, like others, is a no kill. In the time I've worked there, one dog was considered for put down. I took it on for three months (a badly abused border collie australian shepherd that bit anyone who got near) It just needed some attention, shitloads of patience,  and the opportunity to work and feel needed. It ended up going to a great farm. Tonight's walk is a schnauzer. Last night was a skittish lab cross named hobbs. These dogs have so much character. All are eventually fostered. Often it's hard to see these dogs suffer, but once out they're often tail waggin loads of  fun. If you don't have one, consider volunteering to walk dogs if you have some time. The dogs will love you for it!
dyslecix dyslecix 46-50, M 1 Response Jul 20, 2011

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My coworker has schooled me in dog. Border collies are her specialty.<br />
I have two cats. Would love a dog, but in all fairness, I would want to devote all of my time to her.<br />
Maybe when I retire, I'll find a lovely Lab to lay on the couch with. Dogs are soulful. They are like lovers. You do not leave them alone.