I Miss Living With A Dog

Since I was a small child, my family always had dogs. My first dog, a Newfoundland. I was like 4yrs old when we got her and she was my life, I can tell! There was nothing in the world better than my dog. I loved her with all my heart and she loved me too. Theres is no love like the one your dog show you. When I was sixteen my dog just couldnt stand up anymore (on a friday). We let the doc come over and she said we should spend the weekend with her and then on sunday call her...for a decision, as there was no way she could get better. I called my friends that I was not going anywhere and spent my whole time with her. Sunday she got the injection and died. And with her a part of me died too. Its 8 yrs ago now and sometimes I still cry for her.
I have to say that we got a second dog (german shepherd/golden retriever) when I was 12yrs old, and for him, we got another dog after my LOVE died, for he wasnt used to be the only dog. The new dog (shar pei) died with 2,5 yrs because of cancer...we got another dog (from Romania) and they still live happily with my family.
BUT I AM NOT. Whenever I go home (which actually is not very often as am living in another country now) I visit them. I miss them a lot and I wanted to take them with me. But as they have a big garden and so much nature around the house, I only have a flat and work often 12hrs a day...So no time, no space for them.
It is sooo sad to me as am not used to live without a dog. I feel like cuddling any dog I see. I feel like buying anyone right now. Like a lazy bulldog ;) But still I cant coz of my work. Even that I wish so much that I could have one-theres just not enough time I could spend with my dog...PLUS my husband dont allow me to bring a dog into the house.
For now I sometimes borrow my neighbours dog. But it is not the same....awwwwwwwwwww
blumenmeer blumenmeer
22-25, F
Sep 30, 2011