I'm A Dog Trapped Inside A Man's Body

I have always gotten on better with dogs than people. My closest friendships have been with dogs. When I was around 12 years old my parents finally relented and got me a pup.... he was a German Shepherd/Labrador cross. I named him Rocky for some strange reason, not very imaginative I know but I suppose I liked the Rocky movies at the time. That dog was my best friend. When fully grown he was big and could look quite intimidating to those who didn't know him but he was a softy and great around kids or other animals. When I was around at my brother's house my brother's cat used to lay on top of him and use him for a bed. For a lot of years I felt pretty lonely as I've never been much of a people person and my happiest memories are when me and Rocky used to walk for hours on end through the fields, woods and in the hills. He used to run for miles with me too. I never went anywhere without him. In the later years of his life it was sad to see a once active dog become less mobile and when it got to the stage that he didn't seem interested in going outside anymore the vet agreed that the kindest thing would be to put him to sleep. I stayed with him as the sedative was delivered, stroking him and telling him what a good dog he was. It was the saddest day of my life but I also knew it was the kindest thing to do and I was glad he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. He was 14 years old when he died so he had a good long life.
Not long after my brother got a pedigree German Shepherd. Since my brother works away a lot this wasn't the best decision as his wife is reluctant to look after him. So when I lived close by he would stay with me when my brother worked away. He is now the closest thing I have to a friend and we've had some great adventures but he too is getting old now and is no longer able to walk for very long. I only get to see him once every few weeks now as I work away myself and my mother now looks after him. Although he seems content and comfortable enough at the moment I don't anticipate that he will live much longer. I miss having a friend to walk and explore the countryside with and have considered getting a dog of my own but unfortunately because of work I am unable to give a dog the time it needs during the day. I would take a dog to work with me (I work outside in the forest) but my job is sometimes dangerous and it wouldn't be fair to leave the dog in a vehicle throughout the day. I also don't have a garden where he could roam until I finish work as I live in a caravan. I wish that I could have have a dog as I would give it a good happy active life and it would just make my time in the countryside and wilderness even more enjoyable as I would be able to share the experience with a friend.
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I know how you feel, once a relation starts with a best friend, Its harder to say goodbye in the end. I am more of a wolf because I know that I'm one of them, I may have a human looks. However, I'm more of a wolf on the inside, Its harder for me because I want to go back to my old life more and more, Its harder to have something to want then it is before. Its interfearing with my work which I don't blame it, and I'm more relying to vets them hospitals.