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i always wanted a guniea pig i have 1 cat 2 dogs and whean i got one i brought him to my room my dog ran up there and i was like Hey Oreo you want lunch? jk his names Oreo he looks oreo like he he well i got my guniea pig out and held him by Oreo and geuss WHAT!! oreo likced HIM!!! just like Baccon so i yelld NO!!!!!!!!!! oreo looked sad so thean Yoshi ran up thats my other dog shes a mutt :D and she looked at the guniea pig hes in the cage thow and she just looked for 1 min and so i just shoke my head and went down stairs latter i was asleep and i hear barking i woke up and OREO!!!!!!!!! he opend the guniea pigs cage!!! i was so mad i just threw him out and smacked him i shut the Guniea pigs cage and i never let Oreo in my room now or he might do it agian 

DogLover1946 DogLover1946
13-15, F
Feb 17, 2010