"Came Home Yesterday and Found I Had 3

I walked in the house yesterday from work and my wife said our son had called. There was a stray dog hanging around his fraternity house and he had taken to feeding it. The dog didn't have a collar so he posted signs around the neighborhood that he had found a dog. Several people called but no one had lost a dog like this one. He took the dog to the local shelter but they said they had no room and would have to euthenize the dog. Being the soft hearted person that he is he couldn't do that. The shelter got the dog nuetered for him and hooked him up with a vet who works on rescued dogs at a discount. The dog looks like a Jack Russel terrier mix. He is currently living in a crate in my son's room. He is coming home for winter break next week and will be bringing the dog. It will be interesting to see how he gets along with our Collie and Pug.

coldinmichigan coldinmichigan
46-50, M
Feb 18, 2009