They Are All My Buddies

I've never bought a dog in my life, but I've always had them.  I believe dogs come to us when we need them in our lives.  I've been amply blessed in that respect.  I have 2 ancient chihuahuas, 2 corgi mixes, and 2 mixed breeds of indeterminate origin.  One of the mixed breeds is the mother of the other one, and I am the only person in the world that she likes.  I've had her all her life, but she is just skittish to everyone but me.  They are all like family to me, and we get along just fine.  I think more people should follow dogs' rules for getting along in this world:  share the food, don't step on anybody's tails, take frequent naps and get plenty of exercise.

suigeneris suigeneris
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I agree with you suigeneris! I have 8 dogs & sometimes I think they are the only thing that keep me sane and grounded. <br />
Most people think I'm a bit nutty for having so many(also bec I have 11 horses), but they are all good for me in my lonely situation. They are all pound puppies of mixed breeds. I've had many dogs over the years and in the long ago past when I was young, I did purchase 2 purebreds from pet shops that were small breeds, mini poodle & Cairn terrier & they prob gave me the most headaches! <br />
I now have all medium/large dogs, and have tried to get black ones because they are usually the last ones anyone adopts(weird but true). However, one of the female black dogs was a bad girl at a very young age & before I could get her fixed she ran next door & had an affair with a purebred very large white German Shep.<br />
Soo, I now have 4 predominantly black dogs & 4 multicolored which came from that unexpected union. I ended up keeping 4 of her 6 puppies because they so darn precious I couldn't part with them. That was probably a mistake because they have grown to be quite huge with large appetites! <br />
My dogs love me unconditionally, never ignore me, never bite my head off, and make me feel very safe in my home. What more could I ask? And feeding them is probably cheaper than paying for a security system! (I go thru 4 large coffee cans of food a day!) I used to feed them in a couple of community bowls when the puppies were smaller, but can't do that anymore because I wasn't sure how much everyone was getting and some seemed to be getting fatter than others! lol! <br />
Now it's once a day feeding time, everyone knows the time & wait around patiently for me to dole out their portions, everyone has their own bowls in their own little places around my house so they don't feel nervous that one of the others will try to sneak in and grab some of theirs, & there have been no fights. <br />
They do have their hierarchy, Roxy, who is the mama of the "puppies"(who are now 3 yrs old), is pretty much in command of the whole crowd, but they all respect her & after a few challenges in the beginning by my older dogs, they agreed she was the matriarch & don't mess with her. <br />
They are not allowed into my formal living room, but are content with hanging out in the family room with me, or in the back yard which is fenced in. <br />
Right now I have Doc sleeping on my feet on the couch, Brutus is laying on a large leather hassock with his head on the window sill looking outside, Roxy has the big leather chair, Goliath is on the floor in my bathroom, Isis is curled up on the floor next to Roxy, Allie is in the laundry room, and Thor & Sadie are outside. <br />
My kids are all grown up, and I guess I have a strong need to nurture, so my dogs are like my substitute kids,...and they treat me so much better! <br />
My only regret about having dogs is that they do not live long enough, I've lost several over the years & they are buried on my property, so I still "talk" to them & reassure them that I will never forget the love they gave me. I just hope they know that I loved them as much.

SHARE THE FOOD????????? <br />
My pack of Jack Russell Terriers STRONGLY DISAGREE with that statement!!!