Nude Water Aerobics

Years ago I belonged to a nudist group that had a regular night at a local pool. I was heavily into fitness at the time and one of the organisers decided it might be fun to have a nude water aerobics night. He organised an instructor, a young female who of course came dressed in the normal outfit for a fitness instructor, lycra. She was very good about it and did not appear to be fased by the nudity untill while instructing she was of course watching what we were doing. She suddenly blurts out "guys I'm not looking at your d i c k s I'm just making sure your doing it correctly." That was probably the most fun thing I have done naked in a group so far.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Yes she was but it was just so funny when she blurted it out. She must have really been embarassed by it as she could not be coax back again. A pity because nude water aerobics really is fun.

She was really looking at your DICKS!!! Sounds fun!