Shoveling Snow Naked!!!

We had about 5 inches of snow in the last day.  I cleared my driveway with a snowblower then had finish up with the shovel.  After shoveling my driveway naked last week, I had to do it again.  After using the snowblower, I took off my pants and sweatshirt and went out to finish shoveling wearing only a hat, gloves and boots.  I spent about 15 minutes along the side of my house which is clearly visible from the street.  I spent the next half hour in front of my house, which is about 25 feet from the street.  The sidewalk to my front door needed shoveling along with a path to the neighbors driveway for the mailman.  The front 25 feet of the driveway needed cleaning up, especially the end of the driveway into the street.  I did all of this naked, with one of my neighbors down the street clearing his driveway and my neighbors right across the street, in their living room with looks directly into my front yard.  Oh yeah, it was about 25 degrees out and lightly snowing.  What a great night.  The snow if supposed to continue tonight through most of tomorrow.  I guess I will need to shovel my driveway again tomorrow night, naked.

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6 Responses Feb 8, 2010

It is really exciting that you are so bold, and can be naked in your yard like that. I do not think I could shovel snow in the nude, I am too warm blooded. I applaude you for your bravery.

More snow tonight.....HM HM!!!!

This was real. I don't know if my neighbors noticed I was naked. I did see them looking out the window, so I am guessing they saw me.<br />
<br />
It is snowing out again. I might have to shovel again soon.

And what happened? Did your other handle get cold, or was it covered with snow?

And what happened? Did your other handle get cold, or was it covered with snow?

Is this real or fantasy?