Everything's Better Naked

i enjoy boating naked, going to nude resorts and beaches.i live on the chesapeake bay in va beach. would really love to hear from other nudist in the areal.  i also enjoy spending most of my other free time naked as well. its really nice never to have to deal with wet swimsuits. just to let the warm sun warm sun and breeze warm your body. i love sleeping nude as well. so nice to just to jump out of bed naked and right into shower without having to deal with clothes. i have also enjoyed several trips down to the Tampa , fl. area and spent time at caliente, paradise lakes as well as lake como nudist resorts. we had a fabulous time, and the people were awsome. they were different however, with lake como being al little more rustic and caliente being really exotic and upscale. paradise lakes was kinda inbetween. my naked cruises on the boat are the best  since yu have the freedom , the sun and the wind blowing on you and the scenery s absolutely beautiful. its just so natural. once you have spent an extended amount of time without the confinement of clothes, its really a bummer to have to put them back on and re enter the textile world. :( just love a tan allover. contrary to what you may have heard its not about sex. it may make sex better that night or whenever you decide to have sex, because it definitely gives you a better appreciation of the human body

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6 Responses Feb 12, 2010

yeah, you're right. fewer people around.

yes , have been there once a couple of years ago. my GF doesn't care to go. prefers to be naked out on the boat.

Sounds very liberating.

hi there, when are you coming back to va beach?? what part of pennsylvania are you from. i know some people from the pittsburgh area. have you been to avalon nudist resort?? heard it was very nice. my name is keith. whats yours? you can contact me at searay2005@hotmail.com if you would like. bare hugs

I like your screenname and your attitude. I would love to catch up with you sometime when I get down that way...I am in Pennsylvania. Love the VA Beach area. Enjoy your naked days at sea or otherwise.

wish i had a nude beach close by. its definitely nice.