Black tux, white tennies

I was the best man at the wedding of my best male friend and best female friend many years ago, my 2 best friends in the world marrying each other, how cool. I drove Scott to the ceremony, we smoked some weed, did some coke, and took the long way to the church thru the country which took us 2 hours rather than the usual 10 minutes. We talked about life and love, and I offered that if he had any doubts I'd drive him to Mexico to reconcider a lifetime of committment. He was determined to be married and we arrived on time at the church pretty high. At the ceremony I wore a stunning black Christian Dior tuxedo, black cumberbund, black tie, and very unconventional white Converse tennis shoes. I'd paid off the DJ to play only ZZ Top, Zeppelin, and other Heavy metal.  The wedding and reception were both a blast! Everyone complimented me on the white tennis shoes, and thanked me for the rockin' music including Scott & Julie. Unconventional is a good thing!

neonshades neonshades
51-55, M
Feb 26, 2010