can u imagine watchin dolphins or swimming with them?i think is magical!

i found some pictures and its really wow :)


i saw on tv once and i think dolphins understand ppl alot,i love dolphins:)

amysangels amysangels
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They are gorgeous creatures and so intelligent. I have touched them at a water park when I was younger, and seen them jumping out of the sea off the coast before now.

oh.....that was nice..

oh...ok..<br />

yeah me too lena..<br />
glad u like pictures

oh that was nice eyeno..<br />
make a wish rog,maybe u will soon*

and they talk-music:)

u were in boat and they were near?thats great:)

I love how they always seem to be smiling :)

i didn touch either or know how to swim..but it would be nice:)