Dominant Men

Well I am new here and I think this website is very cool. How you get to share you stories anonymously and be heard and have others who enjoy your interests listen as well. I am a well rounded woman and know what I like and strongly believe in what I stand for. But that's the 'daylight' side of me. In a relationship I like a mean, rough, tough man. Some one who lays down the law and puts me in my place. Now I undertstand that in attracting this kind of man, you may attract an abusive man. (which had happend before plenty of times) but I now have discovered a néw way to have my man deal physically with my behaviors in a controlled manner. It's called Domestic Dicipline other wise known as DD. I am currently in a relationship now and have been in past relations, and using this methods work very well. I love the feeling of being released of my naughtiness by a spanking and having my man distributing one when I am disrespectful. Spanking is also one of my main turn on! If you'd like to here more stories, advice and relations, just comment below! (:
Velvetred Velvetred
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sounds like you have found a happy place velvet

I need to set more rules for my gf, any help?

Yeah! My rules are I have to watch my weight, (even though im90 pounds, he just wants to keep me small) I need to send him a picture of my outfit everytime I go out, I have to ask him permission if I can hangout with guys, and I have to give him plenty of advance notice, I need to yes sir, I have to do what he asks of me, and there's a lot of other like small ones but I can't really remember them all haha(: