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I wonder how different a dominant woman would behave towards a submissive woman compared to a dominant man.
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Both myself and my girlfriend are somewhat dominant and we both love to play with other girls and have many experiences of this so I may be in a good position to answer this very good question.<br />
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I have written elsewhere here the kind of things that my GF likes to do to other girls and women, how she can sometimes be quite cruel to them and make them do submissive things like open their legs really wide as she pushes her fingers into them and forcing them to be submissive to her<br />
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In our case I would say that a submissive woman would bring out MORE of the dominant in my GF than it would me as I tend to be less forceful to the very submissive as I have found that they need less of a push to do the things that get us all off<br />
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I hope that helps

submissive women are no different to the sissys that dominant women have to deal with anyway. A true submissive knows their place and will accept it willingly.