And Now I Have Met One Dominant Enough

I have met MistressP, a very dominant Mistress, to be sure, but not a cruel Mistress. It is important to note the difference.

I want to be used for a Woman's pleasure; MistressP wants to use me for Her pleasure. How cool is that?

Of course, it is a cyber relationship at this point. But W/we have been able to make it work. She gives me a task to perform, a BDSM task, one that if She were with me in real-life She would get pleasure from watching and perhaps participating in it with me (as in cropping my **** or touching Her boot toe or stiletto to my body or... but you, dear reader, need to use your imagination). The tasks She gives me are within both O/our limits. MistressP takes care that I don't go overboard and cause permanent injury to myself, after all She owns me, She must take care of Her property. And as I do these tasks I take pictures and later send them to Her. I do hope that She finds them enjoyable.

One of my early tasks was the subject of an EP post EP Link

The others are private between MistressP and me, for now. When it would please Her they will be posted. Eat your hearts out until then.

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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

WHY do SOME men pay a dominatrix to humiliate, abuse & even CBT torture 'em?<br />
<br />
Is a male brain an oxymoron?

They do it because finding a woman to do it for love or no cost can be very hard.