I Can Say I Love & Hate Them In The Same Time

I like dominant ladies, but not taken to the extreme. I am a bit of that myself, and I am learning to take control over my life. My mother is very dominant, but to the extremes, she often abused my dad in front of me, and I was the coach asking to stop stop..I mean, not like that.. I would love to have a man beside me that could be both. But I guess that Mr Right is an illusion so for a while I`ll enjoy my own dominant personality :p

I love capable, talented, independent women who don`t depend on anyone for their happiness :) I admire those women, but I know from personal experience that are very difficult persons to live with, they always want to be right! So for the males out there, be careful what you wish for, you must handle a woman like that :p

Forgot to add, still from personal closet, that sometimes people believe those dominant women are made of stone..and that they are always strong. I`m telling you that`s not entirely true, they hurt more than they show it..it`s like that story with the lion. With the Lion, everyone in the jungle expects him to heal by himsels, because he is strong..but sometimes even Lions need a hug or a worm thought. Just in case people are wondering if dominant women are always strong, they aren`t always but they don`t show it.. :)
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Well what I would say is, yes everyone needs a hug and yes dominant women have bad days etc. as well, but there power base is strong and stable and it is hard to move them out of that, in other words, it's hard to drag them down, and even if someone manages, they will bounce back quickly. They are confident and active, so I would say they are "always strong", in that respect.

I am dominant and I had and still have my fair share or problems in life, however, I feel strong and usually feel empowered in real life.

Thank you mickle, I was gonna say "Drop that b**** away from you!", but if you love her the way she is, congratulations! That is the proof of real love :-)

gia99, My Wife was very dominate when we first dated, and has on many, many occasions belittled me in front of friends and family, she treated me with disdain and openly dated other guys. Yet I still wanted her as my Wife. More years than I care to remember later, she is still very dominate, constantly humiliates me, still dates other guys, has risen to the top of the corporate ladder., I would walk over hot coals for and have never regretted marrying her.<br />
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gia99 do not sell yourself short, there is a guy out there who wants exactly who you are, for himself, be a ***** in your own way, never compromise or drop your standards.

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Glad you do, thank you!

Just don't try to hard figuring it out or over think it.<br />
Take your time be natural and let it come to you.<br />
<br />
Do what you feel at the time and enjoy it. <br />
Before long it may figure its self out for you. <br />
Who knows you may like it both ways.<br />
<br />
For true happiness both partners must be simpatico and enjoy or be willing to share the same interests

Thank you, hope I`ll figured it out somehow in this life =)

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.<br />
Take it from someone much older and who has actually been around the world a time or two....<br />
DON'T SETTLE... doing so will only lead to disappointment and frustration.<br />
<br />
I raised my girls to never just take a backseat to any one.... Especially not to guys whom for what ever reason felt they were superior just by being "A guy"<br />
<br />
All this long before I ever realized my submiisive tendencies toward women (at least ones i was in love with or in a relationship wit) BTW my tendancies toward other males is quite the opposite I am anything bit submiisve there.<br />
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good luck

I don't know... an experienced kick-boxer against me? She'd probably kick my arse. Although, to be honest, that would be a bit of turn-on. It's about skill, rather than brute strength, anyway. And I definitely respect skill.<br />
<br />
I like to wrestle. That would be fun. Simple rules - tear each other's clothes off. First one naked has to be the other's slave. Something like that.<br />
<br />
If you're worried about losing, you could always impose a handicap.

Oh, ****, that was definetly not my intention, it was just an example, I could very well say kickboxing :)) though I doubt a lasy would win such a game, unless she has secret Hulk powers in the closet :)

Ah, yes. I think I know the one you mean. When I was a kid, my dad used to insist I play a variation of that game called "Knuckleys". I hated it. We'd hold our fists together and take it in turns to rap each others' knuckles. If you connect, you get to go again - and again - and again... until the other person pulls their hand out the way.<br />
<br />
He used to psyche me out and keep winning. I hated this game. It HURT, so I'd flinch every time he even twitched - and then he'd rap me one. And even when I was winning, it would hurt. A five-year-old's knuckles are tender. So I'd be hesitant when I was rapping him back in case I hurt myself. And so I'd be slow. So I'd miss. So...<br />
<br />
You've reopened deep and long-buried traumatic childhood memories, Gia. You've set my therapy back seven years. I need a drink.

Skanderberg is that game where you play hand to hand on a table..it`s suppossed to be some kind of menish macho test *laughing*, I`m sure you`ve seen it in movies :) anyway it was just an example :p

I don't have a clue what a skanderberg is.<br />
<br />
Well... I do still like an element of competition. But I really don't feel like I have to win. I like knowing that I might be dating someone who is substantially better than me in certain areas, that's no problem at all. Just like I know there are other areas that are mine. It's also good to have things where I have the very clear edge. But I think that having to be better at something or having to demonstrate that superiority isn't necessarily what appeals to me specifically.<br />
<br />
For me, I think it's confidence, spirit and a sense of adventure. Definitely spontaneity. Someone who will initiate something new or create something fresh and exciting. That too is a partnership, though - because I'm doing that all the time, myself.<br />
<br />
Hmm... I don't think I'm making much sense, either. But certainly, it's confidence above almost everything else that appeals to me.

Oh man, I don`t know exactly how to explain this type of ladies that I reffer to, and that`s because many of them are very complex..beautifully complex I would say :) Look, it`s that girl that you meet and can beat you in a football game and you are happy that she beat you :) don`t know how to explain.. is that girl that can be both a tomboy, can have football, chess skills, can tell jokes better than you, and make love like a hurricane..but in the same time she has a vulnerable, and sensitive side..and you know, the trick is in the males` reactions to her. Some, feel struck in their huge, big-balooney egos and can`t acept the fact that she can have the same skills as him, or even better at times :) and they try hardly to bring her down. And some, what I consider to be open minded ( and open hearted) men, are open, don`t feel the need to combat with this type of woman, but feel blessed to have such an unique, terrific partner by their side.<br />
<br />
Don`t know if I have any sense now, but those are some of the so-called qualities of this woman. Is that woman that can win a skanderberg with you, or not be afraid to eat a cheesburger along with you, if she wants. And the list may go on, and on, I`m sure :)

Well... I know what I want, definitely. I've never been clear on how to get it, though. So you're half right, I suppose.<br />
<br />
I think I appreciate dominant women in a slightly different way from what you meant, though. I mean... I appreciate the concept of there being discipline and repercussions to face up to if I stepped outside certain boundaries. I'm not sure what the boundaries would be - I imagine they'd vary dependant on the relationship. But if I had a wife or a partner and we agreed that I had transgressed, then there would consequences. That's another sense in which I appreciate dominant women - I would greatly benefit from being in a relationship with someone who was fully prepared to follow through on the consequences.<br />
<br />
Some would say I'm edging into kink territory there. I wouldn't dispute that. But I believe that doesn't have to undermine the rest of what I said.<br />
<br />
I don't know if I've completely changed the meaning behind your opening statement, by the way... I hope not. But I think I might have misinterpreted your point and so thought I better clarify my own.

Yes, I very much agree with you, TheNakedPoet, I said I appreciate dominant women in that way of taking no sh*t from other people, of sustaing their point of view..I didn`t said the behaviour of my mother was normal, on the contrary..she was crazy..and with my dad, created a very crazy environment, that nobody should be obligaed to live in..world war three.<br />
<br />
I wasn`t reffering to that kind of behaviour, I was reffering to independent women, who don`t put her men on a high pedestal and become a slave, but who contribute, and respect them, and have dreams and vocations of their own..<br />
<br />
Thank you for comment by the way, you seem like a person who knows what he wants from this life, and knows how to get it.

I love dominant women myself, but I believe that a good relationship is a partnership. What you described witnessing when you were young - your mother belittling your father - wouldn't be something I would tolerate from my wife, even if I considered her to be dominant to me. I don't mean that to sound as bad as it sounds - I just mean that there is a time and a place for disciplinary procedures, even if it's a relationship that involves that sort of thing. And that time and place isn't in front of the children.<br />
<br />
I have a tendency to be full-on, I think. I can be slightly overbearing. Not in an aggressive way, but in an enthusiastic one. I charge ahead on a wave of enthusiasm and energy. So when I approve of dominant women, I really approve of someone who can stand up to that. I believe in discipline and I believe I would benefit from disciplinary measures from my wife, sometimes.<br />
<br />
I'm not married, by the way - I'm describing one element of what I consider to be an "ideal" relationship.

Great song Gia! ..........ahhh you just reminded me how much i loved this movie and Gia's story.

Speaking on behalf of those special ladies, I can say that sometimes we are lost..but I like to think that we don`t give up :)<br />
<br />
Here`s a wonderful video that I`m sure you`ll appreciate if you like those women. Song is Supergirl by Reamon. Is one of my favourites, enjoy :p <br />
<br />

we`re an entire community of alpha females on here =)) cheers to you, ladies!! we rock :p

Well written, glad I stalked Veronika and followed her to this story =)

laughing laughing =)) love you Batzy, you guess my reactions in front of the computer, it`s funny =) hugs :)