30 Minutes To Total Submission

It started as a normal workday. During a break, Evelyn was complaining to a group of us that her garbage disposal had quit. I asked if she had tried resetting it. She had no idea what I was talking about. I said, “there is a button on the bottom which resets it. But, it also needs to be forcibly turned, to clear whatever is jamming it.”
She smiled laughingly, “I guess I’ll call a service”.

“Would you like me to take a look at it?”, I asked, “a service is expensive”.

“What would you charge me?

“How does free sound? After work?”

Evelyn is not gorgeous, but is nice looking, and I happened to know that she was divorced and lived alone. “Well, the price is right”, she said, “and you know I live alone. Will I be safe?” Evelyn had joined the company 9 months ago, and we were friendly, but platonic. I can’t say I had not had thoughts about her, because I had. But, truthfully, in this case, my intentions were sincere and maybe even noble. She was simply a nice lady from work who I was offering to help. No more, no less. So I assured her that I was safe.

I arrived at her house, which was small, but, clean and neat. She had gotten it in the divorce, and had not had any children. She led me to the kitchen, and turned on the disposal, which just buzzed. I crawled under the sink and found the wrench which comes with most disposals. I inserted it in the bottom and turned it. After a few attempts, it turned and whatever was jamming it broke free. Then I pushed the reset button, and told her to flip the switch. To Evelyn, it was like magic when it worked smoothly. She told me I was a genius, thanked me and invited me to stay for dinner. She had nothing prepared, so I tried to be a gentleman and politely declined.

We walked to the door, and I was preparing to walk out, when, surprise of surprises, she grabbed me and backed me against the wall. She grabbed my hands and pushed them behind my back, grabbing both with one hand. Of course, I could have easily resisted, but, why would I do that? She then planted a kiss on me and attacked my tonsils with her tongue. She reached up inside my shirt and pinched a nipple, hard, making me gasp as she continued to attack my tonsils. Should I fight her off? Why? I was single, and had been without a significant other for a while. But, was it going to affect our working relationship?

As she took a breath, I gasped, “Uh, Evelyn . . .”

“You can leave whenever you would like. Just say the word. If you stay, no regrets, and tomorrow in the office is work like normal. Do you want to leave?”, she asked.

I shook my head, barely able to talk as she worked on my nipples, and said, “I just didn’t expect this.” As I said it, she gave my nipple an extra hard pinch, which caused my voice to go high and made her laugh. She continued to hold my hands behind my back, which I chose not to resist. I’m sure she knew I could easily break free, so we both knew I was cooperating voluntarily.

Again, her tongue explored the depths of my mouth. I wanted to touch her, but, she held my hands firmly behind my back. I had a sudden fear that, if I resisted her, she might require me to leave. And I was excited to find out where this was leading.

After several minutes of toying somewhat forcefully with my nipples, her free hand began to slide downwards. Her nails traced gently down my stomach to my waist. She smiled as I shivered from her touch. She unsnapped my jeans and lowered the zipper, then reached through the leg of my jockey shorts and gently took one testicle between her fingers. It made me a bit nervous, until she said, “Just relax. I won’t hurt you.” She pulled my genitals through the leg opening of my shorts. Then came the moment of truth. She took the tip of my penis between two fingers and began to gently stroke it. In a matter of seconds, I was squirming with pleasure. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. “Want to leave now?” I attempted to smile, and shook my head.

As she continued to stroke, my legs began to get weak. Then she issued her first threat, “I’m going to release your hands, but, if you don’t keep them to yourself, we’ll be done. Understand?” I meekly nodded my head. “Then remove your clothes.” I began to *****, until I was stark naked in the presence of this woman who was fully clothed, and who, until a few minutes ago, was merely a business colleague. She was still wearing her work clothes, which consisted of a tasteful blouse and a knee length skirt. She had removed her shoes.

“Come with me.” She then led me by my penis, which was somewhat embarrassing in itself, to the bedroom. She pushed me onto my back on the bed, stroking all the while, and reminded me to keep my hands behind my back. The stroking to the sensitive head of my penis was so effective that I soon began to go a bit euphoric. I had thought that she might tie my hands behind my back, but, was coming to the realization that it was not necessary. The fact that I would follow her instructions so explicitly with no physical restraint was somewhat unnerving. I began to feel weak and submissive, as she smiled down at me. Then, she made her control even more explicit. She asked again, “do you wish me to stop?” Again, I shook my head. “Then you must ask me to continue.”

“Please continue”, I said.

She smiled prettily, “No, you must say the following, ‘Miss Evelyn, I am unable to resist your touch, and I beg you to continue.’” I said it in a quavering voice, but, without hesitation. “That’s nice. Okay, I’ll continue for a while. But, you need to answer some questions for me.”

My eyes rolled back from sheer ecstasy, as I pondered what she was going to ask.

“You must actually answer each question. No head nods. You must answer truthfully, and you must start or finish each sentence with ‘Mistress’. You must answer instantly, without hesitation. If I sense you are not being truthful, and I am pretty good at that, you will be sent on your way. If you refuse to do anything I tell you, you will be sent on your way. If that happens, there will be no hard feelings and tomorrow will still be another regular workday. Do you understand?”

“Yes . . . Mistress”. Any thoughts of resisting were fading quickly, as she continued to stroke. I also realized that, while the stroking was incredibly sensuous, and giving me an amazing erection, I could not come to ****** from this type of penile stroking. I could only get more and more delirious with pleasure. I wanted to beg her to let me come, but, felt I should keep up the game the way she wanted to play it. It was, after all, a game, wasn’t it?

“I’ve had sexual designs on you for quite some time,” she said. “I’ve dreamed of doing exactly what I’m doing now. What have been your thoughts about me?”

“Uh, . . . .”

“DO NOT HESITATE! Answer immediately and truthfully, or we are done. You know the answers and don’t need to take time to think them over.”

“Please, I’ll answer”


“Yes, Mistress, I’ll answer. I’ve dreamed of us having a sexual relationship, Mistress.”

“That’s all? I want a complete description of your dreams. And what were your thoughts as you came here tonight? Did you think anything might happen?” She was sitting on her knees beside me, and an exquisite squeeze of my penis head caused me to gasp. I tried to clear my head to answer, as she smiled down at me. Suddenly, she said, “Wait! I’m going to leave the room for a minute. I’ll be right back. Don’t move.” Then, she pointed at my rock-hard penis, “and try to keep that up.” As if that would be a problem.

I felt a combined sense of relief and despair as she released me and walked into the walk-in closet. I was afraid to move, but, with a very slight turn of the head, I could see her as she ******** naked, and casually looked through her clothing on hangars. I’m sure she knew she was giving me a show. She was no Victoria’s Secret model, but, she was quite nice looking. Better than I thought she would be. Because she had not had any children, her average sized breasts were firm and perky for a woman in her early 30’s. Finally, she selected and put on a shimmery, slightly see-through, mid-thigh length robe. I was pretty sure she had intended for me to see her naked, and that she wanted to reinforce her growing control over me by making me lay still, with my erection pointing skyward. After watching her in the closet, the erection certainly was not a problem. I wondered if she was ever going to let me touch her.

She came back to the bed and again sat on her knees beside me. Except this time, I could see her body through the robe, and it came open at both the bottom and top, almost, but not quite, revealing her sexual treasures. She smiled a smile which exuded confidence and control, and again took a testicle in her fingertips, rolling it around carefully. She leaned over and kissed me passionately as, with her other hand, she began to stroke my penis head again. In a split-second, I was euphoric once more. “Now you may answer my question. Don’t make me ask it again, and don’t hesitate.”

I immediately began my answer, “I have often thought of you sexually. As I drove here tonight, I thought of coming on to you, but, knew I would not have the courage, and didn’t think I would have a chance. So I really thought nothing would happen.” She frowned and squeezed my penis head a bit too hard. “M-Mistress”, I quickly added.

“When and where did you think of me sexually? At the office? At home? And what were your fantasies”

“Both places, Mistress.” I was learning quickly to obey explicitly. “I thought of what you would look like naked. I thought of kissing you and slowly removing your clothes, as you surrendered to me, Mistress.

She laughed, “Kind of like the opposite of what happened, huh?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What do you like better, your fantasy, or what is really happening?”

“With all due respect, Mistress, I couldn’t have fantasized anything as marvelous as this.”

“Did you think of me while ************? Don’t lie.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“How many times have you used me to **********?” I hesitated for a second, and she pinched my penis head. I flinched, but otherwise, did not move.

“Answer me, or we’re done.” As she said this, she squeezed my testicle ever so slightly; not enough to be painful, but, enough to send a message.

“I’d guess about 25 times, Mistress.”

“Did you fantasize different things?”

“Yes, Mistress.

“I’ll give you three seconds to think this over. Then tell me the fantasy that embarrasses you the most. I’ll know if you’re lying.”
I truly couldn’t believe I was in this situation. I knew of course which fantasy was the most embarrassing, but, I couldn’t share it with her. It was just too . . . .

“You’re thinking too much. I’ll give you three more seconds to begin, or you can leave.”

“I actually fantasized about something like this, where I was naked. But, I imagined you tying my hands behind my back while we slept, then having your way with me. Mistress, I never dreamed you could ***** me naked and do what you’re doing, or that I would . . .give in so easily and address you as Mistress.”

The reader needs to understand that, as I spoke, I stammered and stuttered, occasionally losing my thought as she made me gasp for air.

“Hmmm, so we were already sleeping together in your fantasy. Go on”, she said, obviously enjoying herself immensely.

“Then, the Fran and Gwen and Millie from the office showed up.” I turned my head away as I said this.

“Look at me”, she said, “and say that again.”

I turned my head back toward her, embarrassed beyond belief, “The women from the office showed up”. The way she smiled at me was totally emasculating.

“Oh my, you really want to be naked and helpless in front of Fran, Gwen and Millie! That’s amazing. Continue. What did we do?”

“Please, Mistress, don’t . . . . .”

“You don’t have to beg me. We can stop whenever you want. But you know the penalty.”

What could I do. If I told her, my life might never be the same again. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to refuse, and end this experience. So I went on, “I . . . imagined that you all ******** naked, and took turns having sex with me. Then . . . when I couldn’t come any more, you pulled out a . . . ***** and . . . used it.”

Her face lit up, “Describe how we used it”

This was going from bad to worse, “You know how, Mistress.”

“Not good enough, describe it.” Her smiles and the sweet way she said these things were killing me. Everything I had read about dominant women said they were always very serious, and forceful. Evelyn was being friendly, smiling, confident, and I was helpless to resist.

At this point, she stopped touching my penis, but, kept the testicle in her hand, and gently rolled it around between her fingers. I looked at her, pleading, and she said. “I’m going to let you rest for a few minutes, but, if you’re a good little boy, I’ll make you even happier before the evening is over.. Now continue with your description.” She released my testicle and just sat there looking at me, knowing she was in full control of the situation. Calling me a “good little boy” was, once again, demeaning and emasculating. But, unquestionably, her “ownership” of me, physically and mentally, was growing. And I was amazingly willing, even though she was not touching me. I ached for her to touch me again.

“Uh, they laid me on my back, pulled my legs over my head, and . . . inserted it.”


“In my . . . rectum, Mistress.”

“You mean here?” She reached down, placed her fingertips directly on my rectum and pushed, causing me to jump, yet again.

“Yes, yes, Mistress.”

“So you actually want to be violated in the ***!” It wasn’t a question. It was just a conclusion, so I didn’t answer. I absolutely did not want to be violated in the ***, but, how could I tell her that after telling her I had fantasized it?

“It’s time for something different. I want to know how this feels to you. Lay very still.” She moved down between my legs, with her head hovering over my genitals. I happily thought I was going to get a much-needed blow job. But, instead, she reached under each leg and wrapped her arms tightly around them, raising my knees. She then took one of my testicles in her mouth, which seriously frightened me. Suddenly, she sucked in with her lungs, creating a vacuum, and my testicle felt like it was going to explode. I began to buck with a combination of fear, pleasure, and confusion, and actually yelled (or maybe squealed) quite loudly. But, her hold on my legs kept me in place. It was a sensation I had never experienced. It went on for a few seconds, then she switched testicles. Even though I now knew what to expect, the effect was the same. When she sensed that I was on the verge of ******, she stopped. What a strange emotion of sadness, desperation and ecstasy.

“I guess I don’t have to ask you how that felt”, she said with a huge smile.

What other tricks did this woman have up her sleeve? How many other men had she sexually owned in this manner? Then she answered without me asking.

“To keep you informed, I’ve never done any of this before. I’m just experimenting to see what works.”

“It works, Mistress”, I said feebly.

“Do you want to leave now, or are you ready to go further?”

“Uh, further, Mistress?”

“Answer the question.”

Frightened, yet helpless to give any other answer, I said, “Mistress, I’m ready to go further.”

“Ask me nicely”, she said with her knowing, confident smile.

She gave me a moment to think over my words, “Mistress, you are giving me the most wonderful experience of my life. I beg you to take me further.”

“Given that I am not going to tell you what is next, I want you to be certain!”

“I am certain, Mistress”. I wasn’t certain, but, no other answer was possible. Besides, I could always physically overcome her if she went too far.

“Don’t move.” With that, she went to her dresser and pulled out a *****. “I can’t get the other ladies here, at least not today,” she said somewhat impishly. “But, I can fulfill the rest of your fantasy. However, you look a bit worn out. Let’s go have a cup of coffee.”
She took me by the hand (yes, the hand), led me to the kitchen, offered me a chair, and proceeded to make coffee. Despite what we had been through, I was still self-conscious sitting there naked, while she was semi-clothed. As we sipped coffee, she brought up a question about something at work. I couldn’t believe it. For 10 minutes, we chatted about work, as though we were sitting at a lunch table at the office.

“Time to start again,” she said, somewhat matter-of-factly.

“Mistress, I need to use the bathroom first.”

“Number one, or number two?”

“Uh . . . . . number one.”

“Okay, I’ll hold it for you”

“But . . . .”

“No debate, unless you wish to leave”, she said sweetly.

I sighed, “I’ll try, Mistress.” She gently took my penis and led me toward the bathroom. How could I have let this woman make me totally submissive in a mere 30 minutes? And why did I enjoy it so much, and crave more? And, most important at this moment, I really needed to urinate, but could I, with her holding my penis?
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Definitely taking notes on this. Good ideas. :-D

Now this really IS a great story...it's how I envision...tie me up is cool, but my fantasy has always been so close to how you wrote the first part. Hands behind my back....being edged to the point of insanity...knowing, I could just jerk off but not wanting the tease, the submission to end...Its much more submissive than being tied when must fight to keep your hands "tied" as opposed to them actually being tied. Hard, dripping and ready for part 2

what a beautiful story!

Great story pho held our attention to the end of the part one...... Interestying to note how many ladies found it hot as well.<br />
Thank you

Pho144, It is excellent. As a published author of erotica and a dominant/aggressive woman, I thought it was perfect! Very well-written. Clear, concise images. You gave good solid desc<x>riptions of the clothing without getting bogged down with excessive detail about the color and texture of the clothes or her robe. Very good. You balanced the narrative well with dialogue as well as good transitions between the scenes. Your hard work has paid off. This is publishable material!

I agree. Good story & well-told.

Fantastic story!

do u guys really love sooo much of humiliation ... ? !!!! .. like ... get dominated n humiliated in front of office collegues .. omg !! .. i thot it was just my sissyyyy ...

Some guys might like that, just as some submissive women might. I don't. I would opt to stick with the lady, and maybe one or two of her closest friends. Certainly no guys.

Fun Story, I too look forward to Chapter two, perhaps your colleagues can get you something fun to wear in the office late one evening?!?

beautiful story! well written! I enjoyed reading it

That was really well told. Well done.<br />
I tried to leave your story three times before the end but couldn't. Lol..<br />
I like your mistress' character. :-)

Thank you!

Pagan will provide his reemergent Artemis with a new "fur" riding crop and leather dominatrix boots! After all, the worlds most renown huntress needs proper attire &amp; accessories! :)

what an erotic story about domination..you write beautifully..thank you for sharing..

Thank you. It is intended to focus not on domination in the way most people think. In part 2, I will try to flesh it out. Isn't this a more fun approach than a man saying, "tie me up and dominate me".

got me excited and I'm a sissy.

I Just wanted to let my friends know that this story is, sadly, totally fiction. I worked hard on it and would appreciate any feedback.