My Wife Owns Me

This past weekend my wife went out with a few of her friends while i cleaned the house and waited her return ...i was on my knees when she came in not allow to stand in her presence inless i am told to do so .... she 4 friends with her 2 guys and 2 girls i was told to stand and take there jackets off ... then i was instructed by my wife who likes to be called my domina to remove her heels i do so and begin to kiss them softly .... she kicks me and said i have other plans for your mouth .....i figured she would allow me to tongue **** her but not tonight .... she tells them all that she owns me and ill do what ever she saids .....she tells me to go get a glass she then spits in the glass at this point i was so horny because spitting was somthing we had just started doing alot ....she then passes the glass to the other two girls and they spit into it .... i looked up at them as they talked ....then my domina tells me to go entertain the guys one of the guys tells me to suck his **** i look at my domina and she saids you heard him open wide ... ive never been used this way before i open and before i knew it he was pumping away at my face he was on the couch me on my knees between his legs both his hand on my skull gripping it ******* my throat ....then suddenly i look over and see my wife giving the other guy a blow job....the guy smacks my face and puts his **** back in my mouth and tells me not to remove it again from his **** which was hard to do because he was gagging me finally i feel one hard thrust as warm spurts of *** went down my throat so deep i didnt even taste it i continue to suck until the other guy came in my dominas mouth and she pulls my head back and spits his come in my mouth the other two girl just watch and continued to spit in the glass which was half full and one of them said open up slave and pours all the saliva into my mouth ..... then she tells me to go into the shower and dont leave until she saids so ... all night long the four of them drank and partied and when they came to the bathroom one of the woman pissed on me ....i love my domina she lets me serve her she is my goddess and she owns me
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1 Response Aug 10, 2011

You left out one crucial detail in your story, what kind of glass was it? BTW......ew.