I Love To Buy A Woman's Worn Panties

I like to look at the classified ads on Backpage and Craigslist for a local panty seller, and meet in a public place for the transaction. This is how I met Nancy (at least that's what we'll call her here.) I first met Nancy at a newer shopping center in Lakewood. I gave her 50 dollars for 2 used pair of panties. She had a bunch of them in her bag, and she gave me a choice. One pair turned out to be laundered. Bummer. I called her again about a month later and bought one pair for 30 dollars. She had me come to this apartment, and was only wearing a bathrobe. Her room-mate came out of the bedroom naked and said she needed some help. They were giving massages in the apartment. I should have booked a massage right then and there, but that was a voyeur's dream encounter, so I went home and jerked off with the panties. The third and last time I bought a pair from her, I also asked for some nude photos. She said for 70 dollars, I could have a nude photo set and a freshly *********** in pair of panties. I went to the house where she was staying, and she was wearing this house robe like garment that closed in the front. and hung about mid-thigh on her. She reached under and pulled her panties off right in front of me and I gave her the money, and she gave me her panties. She told me she would email my pictures to me later. At that time I asked for a peak. Nancy had a smoking body with pierced nipples and barbels in each and a beautiful perfect shaved *****. I almost didn't make it home. Anyway, she totally ripped me off and didn't send the pictures. I wish I wouldn't have let it come to that because she was the best panty seller tease I have ever met and I really miss her.
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I posted this in the wrong group. Do you know what would be really hot? If I met a woman who took my money, gave me her panties, and told me to lick the crotch in front of her. I would do it. Then she would show me her *****, and tell me that a guy like me would never get to **** her, and the panties I was licking more than likely contained *** from the guy who ****** her last night. She would go into detail about how much of a stud he was and how he came deep inside of her, but since I am such a loser that has to get my kicks from buying a superior woman's panties, I could never get such an opportunity. Then after I licked the crotch she would take them back, take my money, and tell me to get the **** out of her her house, and never to come back. I would jerk off for months with that memory.