True Life Slave

I am a true slave, under contract to a very dominant, beautiful woman.  We do have a loving relsationship and will be married in the very near future.  But, make no mistake, I am owned by her as her personal slave.  I am bound to her with a contract of slavery.  She is also a sadist who adores keeping me bound and tortured at her desire.  She usually binds me totally helpless to a board flat on the floor and loves to stomp and trample me beneath her bare feet and spiked heels.  She loves to stand, full weight, on my throat and watch how I duffer, gasping for breath.  I am frequently suspended and whipped, penetrated anally and used as her personal toilet.  I am allowed to go out and work, but I must wear a chastity device whenever I am without her presence.  We do make love, in the conventional sense, but most of the time I spend beneath her, satisfying her orally for hours at a time.  I love my Goddess very deeply and adore my life as her slave.


 - softfloor

softfloor softfloor
11 Responses Jul 1, 2008

My wife/mistress and her sister liked the idea of the board so now they very often watch tv while I am left spreadeagled naked onto a wooden framework in front of them. They find it very amusing when the interval comes on, which indicates several minutes (or more ) when I can be tortured. Inflicting pain seems to turn them both on, but I do not share their views.

I would love to sign a contract and be locked in chastity, My dream come true!

Ad a wedding presant to her get your self a tattoo showing that dhe owns u good luck and enjoy

Ad a wedding presant to her get your self a tattoo showing that dhe owns u good luck and enjoy

Yes I am envious of you. I wish my wife would just tie me up and give me a good caning. chek my experiences though, it is sinister in other ways. She wants me given psychiatric injections.

oh oh oh you have the right to boast so many men would love to be in your place <br />
enjoy and best wishes for you marriage

I like the whipping part! LOL

i don't think a slave contract is binding but it surely lets you know your place in the relationship.<br />
As far as stepping on your throat....i hope she is skilled enough as to not kill you.<br />
i have to add that i too love dominate women and believe a man was born to serve, worship and except corrects from her. She has the right to train a man to better serve her.<br />
just my two cents worth....good luck and serve her well.

Good for you :-)

Definately. Sounds like heaven

lucky guy!