I Have Turned My Sister In Law Into A Submissive Girl

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The Story
My older brother has been my **** toy since my college days. He is now married. When he first got married our sessions were done in secret. Then things changed.

My sister in law is a very stunning lady and very successful businesswoman. She is very open about how she uses her looks and teasing glimpses of her body to get the orders she wants. But at home and play she is a pretty soft spoken girl. It didn't surprise me tho to see that of the two, she ran the home.

When she and I are together the dynamic shifts immediately. She has always gone out of her way to please me. One visit many years ago took this to a whole new level.  One fateful winter night I was visiting them and my brother was working late so my sister in law and I went out for dinner and drinks. At that time I had a girlfriend and she was well aware of it. As we talked she asked about my girlfriend and I mentioned how badly I missed a nice stiff **** and how long it had been. I mentioned how lucky my sister in law was to have my brother as her husband. I told her I had seen his horse sized **** at home many years ago and that she must love it. She blushed and admitted that my brother always pleased her. I pushed and kept asking questions about their love life that had my poor sister in law beyond herself in embarrassment. She looked at me and told me that she couldn't believe she was answering my questions. She then said, You are the only person on this earth who can get me to do whatever you want. I continued questioning her and then I finally looked at her and told her that all this talk about him had me horny. I looked her in the eye and told her I needed a ****. Without hardly pausing she said I cant believe I am about to say this but do you want to use mine? I pretended shock, I laughed and then looked back at her and asked if she was really serious. She bowed her head and said she thought so. I put my hand under her chin and brought her eyes to mine again. I said I would only do it if she was sure and that we didn't even know if my brother would go along. With her chin still in my hand and our gazes locked she said I could never tell you no about anything and you know it. I smiled softly and told her how much I loved her. I swear she would have kissed me if I had bent forward. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart and said I would have to think about it.
We got home and dear brother was there. We all sat and chatted for a few minutes and I got up and said I needed to go to bed. My brother hugged me and my sister in law followed me down that hall to "get me towels". I hugged her goodnight and held her a little tighter and a little longer than normal. She responded by resting her head on my shoulder. I said goodnight and that if she really meant what she offered she should talk to my brother and if he is willing to send him to my room. I told her my ***** was still dripping wet from our talks. She blushed, bowed her head and said she would. I lifted her face to mine and told her how lucky I was to have her as my sister. Her smile got as wide as her face and she hugged me again and left me there.  

Awhile later I heard my brother and sis in law talking and then I heard them *******. I'm telling you my ***** was absolutely on fire. I fingered myself to several ******* listening to them. I assumed that they had talked about it and decided that he wasn't coming. After things finally quieted down there was a knock on my door and my brother came into my room and sat on my bed. He said I have no idea how you did it but my wife just sent me to **** you. He said you had to have heard her in there. He said, that was the wildest she has been since our wedding night. He laughed and thanked me. I said no need to thank me as I grabbed his ****. It was still wet with her juices and I told him I wanted to taste her as I brought his **** out of his shorts and took him into my mouth. The night was a memorable one and one now that repeats itself every time we see each other. Except now I don't ask her for permission. I take him. My sister in law now knows I own his **** while I am there. She is more and more submissive to me each time I see them. About a year after this started to be in the open they came to visit and my sister in law asked if he could stay with her tonight. I look her in the eyes and asked her if she really wanted to deny me what I needed. She shook her head and said no and apologized for asking. She is so beautiful. I will have to take her soon.

My brother says their sex is better than it ever has been.     
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Incredible story, very hot!

Wonderful! Love how brave and open you are!

Very hot story I also have sex with my brother and my hubby with my sister

Very sexy! Thanks for the note sweety

This story made me so wet thanks for sharing Miss

Glad you enjoyed it. That pleases me Sweety.

as a dom u intrigue me, and i obviously have a deep understanding of ur thoughts and needs...i appreciate ur stories, and u seem to be a very good domme, they are lucky to have you..what u provide them is a gift..i know with my subbie girls as well, sometimes i have to work in a domme so as to provide them with that special aspect only a woman can provide...i wish u well, and continued domination of them both

Ohhhhh myyyyyyyy..... i love how she drops her head when she talks to you. I do that as well. Im very submissive around dominant women. I can go eitther way but prefer to give over control. But thank you for sharing your amazing story. :-)

Can I bring some too?