New And Unsure

I've never been with anyone I've felt comfortable enough with to truly let myself go and comfortable and ultimately confident, until now. I am totaly in love and wanting to please! My guy and I have a great sex life but I KNoW I can do better! He tells me he wants me to be dominant and I really have no idea of how to. Actually when he tells me to be more vocal it makes me do the opposite! I totally shut down. I want him to be the dominant one, But I love him more than my apprehension, and am willing to throw down, so to say. So please please help me!! Any tips or advice is welcomed!!!

How do we make me more dominant and vocal?
mandomcck mandomcck
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

If he wants it, and you are at least willing, that's half the battle. Start slowly and gently. Just tell him you want him to spend the evening, or the day (whatever) naked. You, of course, will remain fully clothed in a sexy manner. Tell him he is not allowed to touch you or himself. Then, just let the evening go by. Resist taking him to ******. Maybe have him pose for you, and just admire his naked body. Avoid any punishment, such as spankings, especially if he wants that. That can come later, if it's desired. You don't have to talk much. Read my story "She made me beg". As your confidence grows, you'll talk more. The main thing is to just have fun with it.