The Path Of The Dominant Woman Isn't Always Straight

I consider myself a dominant woman. All my life I have been surrounded by dominate women role models. I love being in control of my life. I've always admired women who were dominant, I've always believed a dominant woman is an intelligent woman who knows herself and what she wants and, she is open to all sorts of life lessons, she listens to the wisdom of others but she makes her own decisions and doesn't let anyone else control her.

A dominant woman may be looking for love, but is also complete on her own and enjoys her own company. She knows what she wants and goes for it; she also has goals and has a plan on how to accomplish her goals. This is something I have not always done, when I have failed to follow this strategy I have faltered but when I do I know I can do and accomplish anything.

Men shouldn't be afraid that a dominant woman is automatically going to bust his balls, and women need to stop worrying about what others think of them and realize dominant women are real women too. Dominate women aren't always hard as nails, dress like men etc., etc. A true dominate woman guides with love and charm. She knows how to captivate those around her so they want to do things for her, they want to please her and to receive her praise. Also, I love dressing in soft feminine clothes and shoes. I love pretty lingerie. I love being a woman. I love being dominate.

I have always had great friends and most have been male, only a few have been female. Men are attracted to strong women and women tend to fear them. The path of the dominate woman isn't always straight sometimes you get turned down the wrong path. Being dominate doesn't mean not making mistakes, it just means that when make them we admit it and then move on.

I love being a dominate woman not a doormat. I have been both and being dominate is where I fit best.
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5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Very well written and very soundly reasoned. You seem to be the type of Woman men should be happy to know and to interact with.

Aw, that is beautiful. Spoken like a true leader of men! Of you will make mistakes when you go out and speak your mind and take the risks . But that is because you are a gutsy woman who is not afraid to go for it. God I love women like you!

What a wonderful explanation. I have to think that many men would love to serve you or should we say keep you happy. What an honor to find someone like you that has such perspective. Very Cool!!!

slave john

A real person that understands wrote this. Thank you!

You are welcome....I hope that you enjoyed it.