Yes, Women Like Me Rock!

Thank you, fans of strength and beauty .

We love our subs!
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
8 Responses Jan 31, 2013

And guys like me adore strict Ladies with strength of character and a tendency to set and enforce firm boundaries. Love that in a Woman!

here we go

I like your post thanks :)

It's nice to hear we are appreciated and we love to obey and worship our betters.

I respect women freedom and power i do not have male ego and i want to be a very obedient homemaker house husband. I am very fair, tall good looking. Looking for well sattled girl. If you wnat to prodeed kindly say yes. I promise i will always obey you and i assure best from m side. Thank You and Regards.

Read this Articles please.

aw! thank You so much for posting this, Lady! "We love our subs!" - that's such a very sweet, loving (and heartening) thing to say. i feel it like it is indeed coming from all of Dominant Womankind. and i'm deeply grateful.

thank You, in turn, for Your strength and beauty that we so love and need in our lives. <3

women are so strong now,they go to gym like crazy and eat right,im just your average blubbery white male5ft3,im scared of women now,my boss and supervisor have 20 pound dumbells in there office that they lift all day,even when they are yelling at me,im very jeolous of there huge biceps

You sure do rock!!! Nothing more enticing than a woman of strength and beauty.