Mother In Law Fantasy

I started dating my future wife in the summer of nineteen-sixty-nine. We dated for a year. Then, I proposed marriage to her. Mandy said yes to my proposal and we started planning our wedding together. Mandy wanted a big wedding. I agreed to it. Mandy was still living at home with her Mom and Dad and two of her younger brothers. Mandy’s Dad was a very quiet, nice, decent guy. Her younger brothers were a lot younger than her. Mandy’s Mom was a very good looking, tall and full bodied woman. She had been a beauty queen in her teen years. Mandy got her looks from her. Mandy’s Mom, Shirley, was also a ***** with a capital B


I have been a cross dresser all my life. I am also bisexual but never did the gay thing. I was always with women. I did like to wear girl’s panties and other clothing. While I was very straight in public, I could be very Gay in fantasies. It was not unusual for me to borrow my girlfriend’s panties and wear them out.

Mandy had given me a key to her house in case I visited and she wasn’t home at the time. This was the case that afternoon. I got to her house and no one was there. I let myself in and sat in the living room couch. I don’t know what made me start wandering around the house. I found myself in Shirley’s bedroom (she had a separate bedroom from Mandy’s Dad) and saw a lacy bra and panties on top of the bed. They were ruby red colored. Just the sluty color Mandy’s Mom would wear. Mandy was going to be delayed for two hours and her parents were at work. It was ten in the morning and Mandy’s brothers were in school.

I succumbed to my urges. I took all my clothes off. I picked up the lacy panties and put them on. They were very satiny and they felt good against my skin. I got an erection. I then picked up the bra. I looked at the tag. It was a thirty-six double D size. it felt satiny also. I started to put it on like Mandy puts her bras on. I brought the back clasps together in front of my chest and clip it together. I then brought the cups around to the front and inserted my arms into the straps. I adjusted it and started to look in the mirror. I liked what I saw. I started to think that stockings would be great. I open some drawers and found some sheer stockings and a red garter belt. I put them on.

I felt so feminine. I went to the living room to model in front of the full mirror that was the south wall of the living room. I looked gorgeous. I was so enthralled that I did not hear the door open. A voice said, "You little ****!" I turned around and there was Shirley with a curious little smile on her face. She was leaning on the archway to the living room. Her arms were crossed, and she was eyeing me from top to bottom.

"Well," she said "so you like to wear my undies, ****?" I didn’t know what to say. I was so ashamed. All I could say was "I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. What are you going to do now?" She answered, "I won’t tell Mandy but from now on your *** belongs to me. Don’t worry. You will have my daughter, but when I call, you will come to me and take your punishment and I will have my delights also." "We will start right now. Bring the panties down to your ankles but don’t take them off and stand there until I come back."

I did as I was told. I lowered the panties and waited. Shirley came back with a digital camera and took pictures of me. I still had a full erection, I tried to hide it but she told me not to do so. She finished with the pictures and picked up a wooden paddle she brought back with her. She said, "Go over to the couch and lay face down on the arm." I did as I was told. She informed me she was giving me ten whacks and she wanted me to count them. She whacked me once. It hurt. I yelled. She asked me if it hurt and I said, "Yes" "Good!" she said, "Now start counting." I said "one" She hit me again. I said "two". This continued until she had hit me ten times. "Did that hurt, you little ****?" she asked me. "Yes!" I answered, "That really hurt." Well get used to it my darling **** because when I call you that is what you will get first, every time. How ever the next part may be fun. Come with me.

I followed Shirley into her bedroom. She started to take her clothes off. She looked at me and told me to undress and then she lay on her bed on her back. She had her legs wide open and she had one hand rubbing her ****. She told me to come over and lick her wet. I did until she told me to make love to her. I got on top and penetrated her wet *****. She started to make all types of sounds. Soon she was screaming. Deeper you little ****!!! Deeper, deeper, deeper!!!! I "***" ten minutes later. She pushed me off, got on top of me and slapped my face hard. When I call you, you will get us a room in a motel and we will do this again. I will paddle you every time and then you will make love to me every time. If you don’t I will show those pictures to Mandy.

I asked her if she felt any remorse at what she was doing to her daughter. She said,"That little ***** is getting what she deserves. All the time her father makes over her. I hate her. If I was able to, I would rent her out to the winos for a quarter a ****! I may do that to you! I think it would be fun watching you giving blow jobs to those guys and getting your *** reamed by them! Don’t worry, I need you more. Mandy’s Dad doesn’t satisfy me. He’s too goody-goody. If he only knew I did all of his friends when he was away!"

Through out the next ten years Shirley would call and I would go. I loved Mandy so much. I did not want her to be hurt. Shirley passed away after ten years. Before she died, however, she told me she had put the photographs inside a letter she was leaving with her lawyer with instructions to give the envelope to Mandy after twenty five years. The twenty fifth year is next December. Will she forgive me or give me ten whacks with a paddle and sleep with all my friends?

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Very good story good read. I read a E book from Amazon along the same lines except the man had to wear **** cage as well. He was controlled by his mother-in-law.

Wasn't aware that digital cameras were available to the general public in '69 and the maths seem to be a bit confusing; met 69, 10 years till she died which makes it 79 and 25 years after makes it 2004?<br />
Otherwise a fun story.

Whatever turns you on, Miel. LOL<br />
I love the cane.

i just hope she lets me wach, Oupa. don't like canes but go all gooey over a heavy leader strap.

I would love more strokes after the paddle, with a cane!

great story laddie!