Women Are Superior

i would love to meet a completely dominant woman to take control and train me to be the perfect little slave. i tend to be very laid back and easy going and i'd love a strong woman to teach me exactly what she wants. sometimes y'all are very hard to figure out! i am very polite and always treat women with ultimate respect. i'm waiting for that one who is aware of her superiority and will take me under her wing.

axeman66 axeman66
41-45, M
31 Responses May 7, 2009

I would have the same feelings as yourself. I would love to meet a lady who would dominate and discipline me. I would love to serve and submit to this lady forever.

Waiting for a superior Female to take you under Her wing is like waiting for the end of the world!I suppose the submissive heaven is full of guys who waited to long but maybe the angels are a lot more eager to build up thier slave harem, If you really want some thing you better go efter it, or you can wait. good luck. Always be respectful!

i am 26 years old submissive in Bay Area looking for a dominant women in my life.. have no experience in it except seeing online videos

i love a take charge women

silly sub boy...

oh my the commenting was better than the actual story . *cracks a whip* be a good slave puppy

*smiles* Write to me privately if you have considered the power of your original request thoroughly. It is no game to be a slave.

so how we do this long distance?

I'm not a prostitute, never was, nor a Pro Domme any longer. You misread me. I have a slave in New Zealand and would be 100% willing to be your Miss if you can deal with temporary long distance. I met d. in April (finally) after 2 years of speaking online and he is coming along smashingly.

ok. i lied, i'm back. i have no problem with pros but that's not for me.

Axeman66, I have 13 years of experience in Pro and Lifestyle Dominance and I am sure my boy in NZ would be OK with a new family member. :)

i'm not coming back to this one!

i'm just trying to figure out how i got sucked into an argument about this when it all came from a story about how i like dominant women that i called "women are superior".

i'm nice to people. it's just a simple fact that guys who treat women like **** get more women. then the women they get ***** about how all guys treat women like ****.

there's lots of us. that's the problem. you look past us in your rush to get to the guys who treat you like sh*t.

When I was married my husband would always rebel when I bossed him around, I didn't know men like you exist! Oh, if only I would have known :-)

all of a sudden, everyone wants to punish me! where has ep been all my life?!

yes mommy! she's actually nice. we talk pretty regularly just about stuff. i like her.

hi mommy! just having fun with my new friend, mistress seeker! don't worry, she's nice to me & we talk about regular stuff, too!

on all fours and ready to recieve whatever you choose!

on my knees and ready!

thank you ma'am!

*****! i mean that in the most loving (but jealous) way!

too late. i'm so sore!!!!!!!

what am i putting on? doesn't matter, i'll do it! please don't take my spankings, i need them!

sounds like you need a spanking axe. i'll take it for you, let me tell my Mistress.

YES, MA'AM ! ! !

yes ma'am!


you can be my ep mommy, then! i think you can gesture spankings!

bossy is good! i have many facets to the interesting creature that is me, but any woman who would take a chance on me would have to be very controlling. you need to keep a close watch on a two year old!