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i'm not talking about a leather clad dominatrix like in the photo for this group. although if i was blessed enough to be with a woman who new of her true worth and she enjoyed dressing up in that fashion, that would be nice too. but i personally think sweats and a tshirt is just as sexy. the key is in a woman who is comfortable enough with herself to feel confident and strong. i was raised by a single mom and i had an older sister, so i've been listening to women my whole life. most of my friends are female, and all of them treat me like a little brother, even if i'm 10 years older. don't get me wrong, i like sports and other "guy" stuff. i'm no wimp. i will fight, and fight well, for the honor of any lady. i believe in holding open a door for a lady, or pulling out her chair at the table. i'm a gentleman. some people think that's somehow condescending but i don't agree. just because i hold a door for you doesn't mean i think you can't do it yourself. it means i think you shouldn't have to. there's nothing as beautiful as a strong, confident woman who know what she wants and insists on getting it.

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Very nice!

takes a true MAN to say and admit that. It is very refreshing, thank you.

thank you! that's awesome of you to say. i just noticed there's a bunch of nice comments from a time i was away from ep. didn't even know they were there!

haha it must be great, love when it happens :) enjoy!

I like your definition of a dominant woman. I'm not into leather or any type of a costume. I like everyday women who jappen to be dominant. I was also raised by a single mom. She was strict and domineering. I had other female authority figures as well who were a major influence. The only difference between us is that I am a wimp and enjoy it. It's who I am, I have no dominance in me.

BeMySlave = Interesting.<br />
Do you also practice tying and spanking in the bedroom?

Love your post........... for myself I dont wear the leather and lace but I do wear the business attire......and love the control over a man. Its about taking our fantasies into reality. Life gets boring in a vanilla world and you spice it ups with new things to try. I love having a man pull his chair out for me......or open a car door....... theres nothing wrong with it. Im comfortable with myself though I am a BBW which some men arent attracted to BBWs.....but Ive learned as a love the thought of being over powered.....its more erotic in the bedroom and makes for a great sex life

sorry it took me so long to send You a reply. there are some good responses to this post, but Yours is the best. except for one part. ""though I am a BBW." please stop doing that. don't get me wrong. i like all ranges of body types, and i have dated petite women, but i prefer bigger girls. that one little bit of words i quoted is so damaging and unnecessary. for me personally, part of my submission is learning every inch of Your body with my mouth to find all of Your spots, so i can learn how to better please You. it's only better and more fun if there's more of You to explore. besides, You're not only needlessly downing Yourself with thoughts like that, but You're ripping on my taste in Women! knock it off! :D

Chloe, I also agree on that!

Loved your post.<br />
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There is nothing wrong with being a gentleman with a woman be it a Dominant or Feminine woman,<br />
<br />
They both deserve respect and courtesy.<br />
<br />
I only wish more women realize that many men would love to serve them and let them take control.

Nice. ;)

Wonderful post, bongus! You have a great outlook on women and relationships.<br />
<br />
Dee xxoo

I agree!