Love The Way He Squirms And Submits

I have really been getting into the dominant role in my marriage and really enjoy EP as a way to make my little tinkerbell squirm.  I share stories in forums like this one and then I also pick other forums to humiliate pretty tink sissykins. I love browsing through the topics thinking about what I am going to make him write.  I will grab him and start kissing him to get him all worked up and then lead him straight to the computer. "Sit down" I command him and then I pull up experiences like "I jerk off in lingerie" or "I am a sissy" or "I wear panties"... The look on his face is priceless, his sad little eyes and his soft pleading voice when he says "honey?"  as in "do I have to" and I just grin saying "You know its true tinkerbell, so lets get started and tell everyone about how much you love it!  Be a good little sissykins tinkerbell, tell them about..."  I will guide his story to make sure he includes all the details, of course he always writes about how happy his is, how wonderful I am, and just how much he loves doing what ever that is. He almost always has a raging hard on by the time he is done with the story.  I have not allowed him to play with himself for over a week now and he is getting very anxious and very pliable. 

I enjoy making him profess verbally  how much he loves what ever task or submission I have placed upon him.  I will start with "repeat after me... Good little sissies like to... and I am a pretty sissy tinkerbell... so I love..." "Say it again with a smile tinkerbell!" or "Good Girl, you are such a good little *****!"

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7 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I want a spanking with mine!

My My Miss deleted, you certainly have attracted a fan club of adouring older wanna-be subs haven't you. Would you enjoy adopting and older playmate to control, as well as your husband?

You asked for it, now enjoy it! I love it!

I wish my wife had been as eager as me to go back to our early days of marraige when we experimented more....I always loved her being the domme in our games. In the last year she's taken up that role, after confessing to her that an affair was started seeking a dom partner, a relationship that I wanted her to discover.....She obliged, and now is in total control, more than I ever imagined, thanks to a girlfriend who also caught her husband, and now has him as her sissy. Now I'm afraid this is going further than I had hoped !!!

what a lucky sissy you have to have a woman who knows how to control him/her I would trade places with your sissy right now I have on a little dress and panties that a woman would not wear due to the fact that only a sissy would and yes it is pink with frills on it that a little girl would wear,my little clitty is hard wishing for a real woman to abey

You have me almost wet! Do you incorporate a spankings as well? Then i will be over the top.

Dam !!!!!!!!!!!!! U R a KEEPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B. from Pa USA