I will "Drop A Car Battery..."

"on your useless sack."  
                I heard the phrase about dropping a car battery on someones sack...  It was mentioned in a very generic, completely non-sexual way, but it immediately got me wet.  No one would ever let me, would they
               Of course I'd never do that in actuality... Not even in fantasy, but the phrase is amusing. 
Damnit! My sexuality has a really dark side.  What kind of person am I? 
               Sometimes my dark desires even shock me

Welcome to the Darkside,


Zanmi13 Zanmi13
31-35, F
3 Responses May 5, 2012

yes your like fire and im like a moth wanting to get closer and closer to your flame. a bit scary and hypnotizing it would be. seeing a sexy powerful women exercising her power degrading a man for life. ruining him for the rest of his life. and your ***** getting got and wet as it happens. I think we all be in a lot of trouble if you had that kind of power. thank god its not our power to give. cause im sure you would seduce it from us.

This is fantasy. I wouldn't do this to anyone.

I often think what it would be like if you ruled the world. could not get in any trouble no matter what you do. or order others to do. now I have to rethink it. that's really mid evil. getting turned on as some poor mans nuts are chrushed under a car battery. wile that may amuse you. I to would be amused not from the nut smashing. but seeing you get turned on making and watching it happen.

For fun you could take the insides out of a car battery and hold the empty shell over someones balls, imagine the look of fear in their eyes as they see it drop lol.