I Will Exploit, Emasculate And Dominate You!

Hi there! What a great name for this group because I truly love dominating subs, especially through their wallet.

This is where most subs try to store their power trying to compensate for their short stature or small ****** hahaha! And even if a sub has a few more inches in either place it still doesn't matter because they're a sub! So they will always be on the bottom of the food chain!

My website has a blog that showcases or exploits these little worms who try and use those little peas between their legs on Me until I smash them! It's almost ridiculous how easy it is dominating these subs who in the "real world" run businesses, hold high positions in their company, or are the breadwinner in their boring vanilla suburban dwelling. In My world all of that means nothing! TheCEO or the loser living in their mom's basement are all the same and will obey, worship and bow down to Me!
MistressM06 MistressM06
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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Do you make slaves into toilet,footstool,spitoon ect

Not yet; just saturated a few with a hot Golden Shower. Had a pantylover that was a filthy thronetoy he bought My panties after I wore them for 5 days, Yoga sweaty pantyliners, "pussychiefs" and bottled urine. But he never earned that priviledge from Me

Whould yoy

Looking for subs who want to make it happen not make excuses...location isn't an issue when the craving to be dominated is desired

"I Will Exploit, Emasculate And Dominate You!"<br />
Big words, but now for real............ too bad you live that far away :-))