My Favorite Kind

I love dominating overly manly white men. I would like to keep one as a pet someday.
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Is it just white men you Have dominate. When did you realize you enjoyed being dominate

I would love to be dominated by you. To serve you in any way you want.

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please dominate me in whatever way you want

I am a 21 year old man who is 5-2 man who is 105 lbs and I love the feeling of being dominated. I have secretly been hooking up with this girl I went to high school with. She is 6-7 and 180 lbs. When we first had sex she tried to kiss me by bending over, but she bent over to the point that it was awkward, so she lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around her abdomen. I was still to low for her to kiss her. She pulled me up higher to the point that my penis was in her cleavage and my legs were wrapped around her body just above her breast. She gripped me tightly with her strong grip as we kissed. She showed how unbelievably strong she is. She then put me on her shoulders with my penis in her mouth. When she was done she told me it was my turn. She spun me over and held me ankles and told me to get to work. As I went to eat her put the blood rushed to my head. I told her but she would not release me. I kicked and screamed, but she laughed at how weak I was. This only made my erection grow. When I was done she put me down because she wanted to compare how big she was compared to me. My shoulders were just below her hips and her hands were exactly the length of my feet! The next time we were going to hook up she brought out some heels she got for the occasion. They were 8 inched and they made her 7-3. She made me stand on ottoman to reach her breast. She bought the heels to be more than 2 feet taller than me. After we were done I went upstairs from her basement, thinking nobody was home, but her 12 year old sister was home. She was standing in the kitchen and I could not believe my eyes. This 12 year old girl was more than a foot taller than me. She laughed and laughed at me and asked me to arm wrestle. She beat me easily and decided to put my phone on top of the refrigerator, which was only at the height of her head. I jumped to get it and we said she would help me, but she then decided to lift me over her head and put me on this refrigerator. I yelled for her sister who laughed at me for about an hour before she helped me down, by making me climb onto her shoulder and then she brought me outside on top of her. She then put me in a cradle and carried me like a baby down the street, laughing at me and teasing me. When she reached my car she moved my seat back to drive me home, as I was still drunk. Then when we got there I tried to move the seat back, but it was a little stiff. She laughed at me behind the wheel with the seat all the way back, struggling to move the seat.


Omg . I feel the same way lol

I will be your pet!

I'd love to be Your pet. add me?

Take me, i'm yours!!

You mean like a pet monkey?


Lmao! I like that too...But I only like BEING dominated, by large geriatric Swahili women, with red lipstick...mmm....

mmmmmmmmm ;) I wish I was Swahili nowww