I Love This Movie, It's My Physics Of Time Travel

     When I saw this movie for the first tim, I didn't think much of it. I thought it was pretty weird and that was about it. I don't blame myself for not growing akin on the first round because Donnie Darko isn't the kind of movie you see once. I did know I'd love it, though, that's why I decided to see it again. After the second watch through I was hooked on it. I asked the obvious questions like, "Did he really go back in time?", and, "Is he crazy?". As I've watched the movie more and more I find that I don't want to know the truth, and that makes me happy. You see, that's the feeling I get when I read a book. I feel like the idea was the authors, but I can manipulate the unknown to be whatever I want.

     I feel like I need to express my thoughts, though, so, here it is. I Think Donnie went back in time. I think the point of the movie was that, if we didn't follow our predetermined path, we would transcend humanity. Our predetermined path being rule and order, and without that, life is chaos. But, in order to transcend the unknown, you have to have the power to understand it, hence the ability to go back in time to avoid the inevitable (irony in everyone dies alone). I think Frank was god, but not God. I also think he might be the devil, too. I think Frank told Donnie to pick the fruit, metaphorically, many times over. What I don't get is why god/devil would pick a single person to entrust that much power to. Was Grandma Death the previous Donnie Darko? Did she choose not to go back in time? Was her fate to die alone for her disobedience? Are the people picked all doomed to die alone? Or, maybe, maybe the line between reality and chaos are one, and that's why Frank represents both parties. Maybe reality is so pathetic that it requires a hero, every once and a while. But, in that case, what was the world Grandma Death destroyed?

     I love this movie and this has made the movie even better. I love not knowing, it make me feel human, although, the fear can be categorized as a product of the unknown, I think there are something best kept secret.

-Cold Dead Fingers, Matthew Gonzales Landry
ColdDeadFingers ColdDeadFingers
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Dying was donnies predetermined path. It took me awhile to get that.and that donnie had to die to prevent the whole fiasco.a confusing movie that i love so much :)