Whats Not to Love!

Has to be my all time favourite film.......I could never tire of it. Leaves a lot to the imagination, very clever. Soundtrack is amazing also- my fav being 'The Killing Moon' by Echo and the Bunneymen, so emotive
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1 Response Feb 26, 2007

i love the soundtrack too and that's why i was a little disappointed they altered 2 (imo) key songs in the Director's Cut. I think it was a BIG mistake to remove "Under the Milky Way" during the party before they leave for grandma death's house. in the DC it's the song playing on the radio when donnie and his dad almost hit her instead. the lyrics fit the mood of that scene so well, especially with the rotating portrait of donnie, it was a disappoint for me.<br />
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the other soundtrack beef i have with the DC is the removal of the song during the Sparkle Motion dance routine/talent show/burning down Cunningham's house. <br />
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if you watch the film with subtitles, you can see the lyrics "i did it again" go by the screen in the transition from the dancing to the burning - which is great since donnie had burned down a house once when he was younger - maybe about Samantha's age?<br />
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anyhow, yeah great soundtrack overall