Sometimes I Doubt Your Committment to Sparkle Motion

i was obsessed with donnie darko from 2003 to 2004. the first time i saw it i thought it was just a sad tale of a psychologically damaged teenager - until i saw the edited scenes with Richard Kelly's commentary. Once I saw the Dr. tell donnie he can stop taking the pills, they're placebos the entire film changed for me. i had to see it repeatedly, i bought up every copy i could and gave every one of my friends one for Christmas (i single-handedly depleated the donnie darko stock for the San Diego area Best Buys in winter 2003) every time i watch it, it impacts me. i can't explain why this film speaks to me, it just does. anyhow it's nice to know there's a community where i can rant on and on about this film. AIM me if you want to talk DD sometime: livvycatwoman
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I haven't seen the edited scenes with Placebos??