They are probably one of my favorite candies. Love them! I just ate a quarter of a box....sigh. LOL Good thing I finished it. :)
soulrunher soulrunher 41-45, F 1 Response Feb 8, 2013

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They taste nice but I hate the way they stick to my teeth.

You are right but I brush afterwards...ok there is some picking with my finger! LOL You knew that, right? That's why you said that!

I just knew you were fingering it.

Oh you're good! I do that too. LOL. Today after our alphabet soup episode! LOL

You ate dots after taking about alphabet soup?


I wish I was a dot.

You don't have to be a dot. I think you would be tasty just as you are.

And I wouldn't get stuck in your teeth! Much anyway.

Much! Hmmm??? Yikes...

I promise to try and not get stuck in your teeth.

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