Is It Still D/p When A Man Is In The Middle

My wife came home friday afternoon, after shopping with her girlfriends, she bought some beautiful little things, and asked me to model the for her and her girlfriends, kinda cought me off gaurd, we had talked about keeping this dressing thing between just us, but she promised me it would be ok!! so i consented, then went in the bedroom to look over the clothes, and heels, some really nice things, all fitting wonderfully. she likes white on me, so i put on the little white baby doll, nylons, panties, and heels on, it took me about 15 minutes, feeling scared and excited at the same time, I came out of the bedroom, they were both sitting there with a drink in there hands, and they told me how sexy i was, and asked me to dance for them. my wife got up and kissed me and them went over and put a cd on, i had danced for my wife before, and thought ok... kind of exciting, so i slowly started moving feeling my self, closing my eyes and getting in to the music, they both told me how i got them wet, then my wife's friend asked if i would try on the out fit she had bought me. it was the black ones ( really) starting to feel the Bourbon, I left the room and took the out fit out of the box, it had crotch less panties in it, but just about everything was the same, i took my time getting the nylons right. and the beautiful shoe's, black swad by doll 6 inch heels. wow!! even my legs look great in them. by this time the music had changed to Adele, my wife love's Adele. i came down the hall and around the corner, into the great room, my wife and her friend had removed there clothes and put on just about the same out fit i had on. but my wife had a 8 inch strap-on on. she smiled and told me we were going to have some fun, i was going to sit down and let them dance for me, together!! they got up and finished there drinks, this was new to both of them, they started kissing and very slowly felt each other up, I was over whelmed with excitement. they dance for a little while, then my wife pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs and kissed her *****, the gal was -only too eger to let her, by this time i was pretty hard. my wife started to tap her ***** with the head of her strap-on, then the friend reached in her bra and pulled out a rubber. and asked me to **** her! i looked to my wife for the approval, and she told me it was my job to **** her and make her ***, but she wanted to have my ***, to i asked her to get on the floor, i put a pillow down where i wanted her ***, she very excitedly got down and spread her legs wide, i put the rubber on and claimed on top of her, i kissed her and felt her relax a little. I was huge, she was dripping wet, my **** slid in so quickly, and she was tight!! she came almost that fast. i was totally in to it. but my wife told me to keep ******* her, she wanted to come up behind me and **** me at the same time. I told her i should have keep the white out fit on. with me on top of her,my *** was just the right height for her on her knees. the friend was grabbing my *** and puling me into her deeper and deeper, the wife told her to pull my *** cheeks apart, she kind of came out of her trance to obey, i felt the head of her **** rubbing under my ****, we were getting it to the rathem, i was entered, all at once, she had slid all 8 inch in all at once. she pushed me into her friend and pulled me back out, I felt my wife grab her friends wrists that where on my hips, she really got into it, then they locked there hands palm to palm. and i was in the middle, her friend asked to claimed on top of me, my wife told me to lay on my back, before she claimed on top of me she licked all her juices off of me. she got up and straightened out her outfit, poured us all a drink, and handed both of us one, we all drank the whole drink. then she walked over to me, stopped and gave my wife a great wet french kiss, she spread her legs and came down on my chest, giving me her full weight, she slide back on to my hips, coming down and putting her big **** on me, rubbing them on me, them she kissed my chest, them my neck, then she slid her toung in to my mouth, sucking mine out of it, then my wife had my **** in her hands, she told her friend to slid up a little, she did, my **** was put in her, she gasped deeply and i think i did also, she bucked, and grinded my ****, at one point straighten out her legs and putting her full weight on me, pushing and pulling her self up and down on me. my wife again came up behind her and grabbed her hips, started to slide her strap-on in the crack of her ***, i could feel it in my hands, her friend told her to put it in, she did, its a good thing the music was loud, this gal was a moaner, the afternoon was fun, i came in my wifes friend, deep!! a tight ***** was a real treat. her friend put the strap-on on and my wife climed on top of her and ****** her sucked my **** clean. we all showed together and i was able to **** her friend again on the bed, this time my wife just watched, i really liked her tight *****, this time i did not have to us a rubber, i was really into it, she rapped her legs around me and doug her nails into me, not too hard just the right amount, she came again and again, i have not ****** like that since i was in my 20's, anyway, my wife told me i could not see her with out her, we both had to promise. her friend is married but has not had sex with her husband for over a year. and since my confession of crossdressing, our sex life has gotten incredable, at least once a week, if not more, sometimes everyday for 3 days. as you can tell my wife is a little of a dom. but it works for us, i am told we will play again next week, the friend is spending the night.
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May 23, 2012