She's Shy

My wife has never expressed any interest in any sort of specific **** or sex acts but has always had a high libido. She gives amazing head and told me she has always given head to guys on their first dates or just drunk at a party. "It's just head." She said. Well something about this made her a keeper. I figured she would be into some real dirty stuff to say that so matter-of-fact.

Early on I showed her some of my favorite **** videos with double vaginal in them. She said she didn't like the idea of two guys at once and she said they had to rub their ***** together in her *****.

"Isn't that weird?"

I shrugged.

Well, I let that pass, didn't say much about it and it wasn't brought up for a long time. We watched **** occasionally and she preferred watching the anal/vaginal dp's which I like too, they just aren't as exciting and she will not try anal.

One night I was feeling a little worked up and told her I was going to go take care of it if she didn't want to join. She said she would come up, just get started. She had been a while so I put on one of my favorite dv scenes and hit the slo-mo button right as it closed up. There was no avoiding what was on the screen. She walks in right when I'm really getting into it and a little stunned says

"You like that??"

me "Yes, is that weird? I just think it's so hot I don't know why"

"No.. if it's what you like I want to see you finish."

I did and she kissed me and smiled and we went on with our night. Not long after that I had put on some more double vag videos for us from time to time and she didn't complain. I showed her one where I said the woman's ***** looked exactly like hers and told her I loved that video, I imagine it's us. She liked that and said it makes her horny to know that's what I'm thinking about when we watch it.

She didn't really talk much about it until one day we were getting in the mood to some **** and watching two guys pump in and out of the same *****. She said

"Do you really want to do that to me?"

I said hesitantly "Yeah, I think it would be fun."

So we had sex with myself and a ***** in her *****. It only took a few seconds for her to adjust to it and I was really impressed and excited! She liked when the thrusts alternated best, she said. She didn't say much else, I think she felt a little overwhelmed. She came so hard I couldn't believe it.

Lately we add a ***** or a couple of fingers along side myself in her ***** and it drives both of us nuts. She has casually been talking about dp a lot with me and how she only likes the videos where muscular guys dp the girls. Well I found a dv video where two relatively muscular guys share a good looking woman and called her into the room. She sat on my lap and laughed that I had tried to find something like that for her then she got really quiet and stared at the screen and said.

"Come on, let's ****."

She had the ***** and lube out faster than ever and was lubing me up before I could take my clothes off. She slid the ***** in and pointed my **** right above it. A little pressure and I'm in. She has never acted like it hurt in the least and we have never had trouble getting two in her. I know if we ever had a third join us they would think she was a pro. She was so wet I could pull all the way out and slide back in leaving the ***** in, over and over again. The thought of her getting so horny from that video was almost too much for me as she came hard it made me *** but I kept pumping into her as we both shook. It always feels too good and too taboo to be unloading next to a fake **** in her ***** but if I imagine it's real I *** so hard. I'm sure she is doing the same.

I don't push her to talk about it and I don't suggest finding someone but we enjoy where we are now, it's exciting for us both. I would love to do this with her, I love how crazy it makes her. When she's on top I imagine someone sliding in next to me from behind and when I tell her she just moans and smiles. It would be nice to someday casually find a regular third to give this to her. Do you think we are headed there?
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I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** and would love to participate in : ) I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp. Stretching a ***** with my **** and another **** is absolutely a fantasy of mine...

My wife and I used to love double vag. She had her tubes tied so it was always bareback.

Call me... I'm ready for this...

When she's on top I imagine someone sliding in next to me from behind.

That's hot.

Or like she is riding you,
you see her back
and the 2nd guy comes from front
looking into her eyes.

But I guess it is very hot
if all 3 lay on their sides
she rise up 1 leg
and both ***** enter her.

Because this way both 2 men
could thrust easier together, I guess,
and that would be sure damn hot.

I think the bases of the *****
shouldn't grind over each other
but their top sides.

This way the glanses would rub over each other
and ensure additional stimulation.

The glans rubs over the other glans
and triggers it to ***. ;-)

I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** and would love to participate in : ) I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp. Stretching a ***** with my **** and another **** is absolutely a fantasy of mine...

I understand desire and wanting to try new things sometimes you just ache for it! I applaud you that you do not push your wife into this it shows you really care for her and love her!
Thank you for sharing your story it was a turn on looking into your private life thru your story.

awesome, id love an update. I'm about in the same spot with my wife, she loves it, my **** and a ***** makes her come hard!

Great story. Hope y'all keep enjoying the fantasy and maybe a real one day.