Hs Dp

When I was a senior in highschool, I had two boyfriends (college sophomores)...they were best friends too - and didn't seem to mind that I was dating both of them, both apart and together.  They pretty much shared everything, including me.

The Friday evening before my graduation, we were out hiking in our local forested park and went to a place we'd go to makeout, have sex, and drink on occassion.  It was a wonderful little clearing near a roaring creek...fairly private - in the fall, the leaves don't cover it as much, so you can be seen - but during the summer, it's pretty private.

Anyways, I was wearing a bikini top and shorts - they were wearing just their usual cargo shorts and t-shirts.  Both were runners, and were slim, but sexy.  It was about 5 in the afternoon, and fairly warm for that time of year. The primary reason I remember that is the fact that I was wearing a really small bikini top, and they took off their shirts to catch some late rays.

I took off my shorts, so I was just in my bikini (it was tiny). It was white, semi-see-through, and when I took off my shorts, I noticed my both boyfriends pants start to tent.  Alex and James were staring at my g-string bottoms and string top.

I asked what they were staring at, and they both said, in unison, "you".

I blushed a little, but I'd had sex with both of them at this point, so wasn't too embarrassed by the comment....but what I did next surprised them.  I reached back and untied my top and let it fall off - then, took off my bottoms and laid down on the blanket we had brought with us.

I told them I was going to get my all-over tan started early this year.  With that, they agreed, and took off their shorts and briefs....there ***** were nearly hard - both of them.

Horny wouldn't describe what I as feeling at that point.  I asked them to put some oil on me, which they both did in a flash - taking special are of my breasts and ***** the point of inserting fingers inside of me while they were massaging me.  Then, they asked if I could return the favor.  So, I did.  I squirted some oil on my hands and put it on them, one at a time, first working it into their bodies, then legs, upper thighs....then their *****.  I stroked them a little and made them hard.

Alex's **** was a little bigger than James, and I couldn't resist anymore and straddled Alex's **** and let his cockhead enter my ***** while James watched us. I gently worked his well oiled **** into my *****, while at the same time James inserted fingers into my ***** as well...around Alex's ****.

It was very erotic.  But what happened next took me by surprise, and has made me love it ever since.  James went behind me and started rubbing his **** around my ***** lips....using his fingers to get his cockhead wet, and slowly, very slowly, worked it into my ***** alongside Alex's.  It took him a while to do it, and Alex was patient - not moving too much as James got more and more of his **** inside me.

The oil definitely helped - and soon I had two boy's *****' inside my *****....and I was moaning big time.  They were both decent sized, but not huge (luckily).  They started thrusting inside me in unison - there moves had to work together in order for me to successfully take them both like that.

After a few minutes of that, my ***** was beginning the run up to ******, our rhythm had hit that perfect cadence, and I could sense that they were close to ******* too.  As my ***** started to flex and pulsate with my ******, Alex started ******* inside my *****, followed within seconds by James.  I collapsed on to Alex as James collapsed on to me - with their ***** still shooting was an awesome feeling.

James rolled off first, his **** pulling out of me, spilling some *** along the way. Then I rolled off of Alex - and a whole lot more *** came out.  They both licked it off of my thighs and took turns eating my *****. I knew that they liked to do that separately, but this was the first time they'd done something like this! They'd come up and kiss me, with *** in their mouths....

After graduation, we went to a tattoo shop and I got a special tattoo placed about 3/4 inch above my labia.  It says "*** ****" in script, with an erect dripping penis separating the words.  Guys love that tattoo now - and the story that goes with it!




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Hot story !!!

extremely sexy story

******* Hot!

Great story.. I really like a girl that can do two ***** at once... once you know that you know there's not much going to be off limits ;-)
Would you add me please?
Thanks thanus..

You go girl,that got me hard !!

Wow Ally, that's such a hot story!

Wow very very hot

Wow. Never tried that but my **** is so hard after reading that story I would love to.

Nice ;) very hot

I did *** reading this story ;)

WOW!!! I almost came just reading your story!!!

Love this story, my wife is a late convert to this having me and her boyfriend double stuffing her **** on a regular basis now and I love it too. We always seem to *** together as well and we both eat her out almost fighting over licking her dripping ****.
After the first time we did it, she asked straight away if we thought we could work out how to get a third in there as well.

Wow your wife is a ****!!!

Too hot! or is it,two!

I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** and would love to participate in : ) I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp. Stretching a ***** with my **** and another **** is absolutely a fantasy of mine...

It's a really frank and alluring story :)

That's hot!

Can I kiss your tattoo?


Best story "ever". Thanks. I have done this in ********** with my bride, and she loved it too.

Very sexy

wow! what a hot ****** story. you are one lucky girl. please add me

Now that my **** is so hard I could drive nails with it, I must tell you...that was a great stroy and must have been a wonderful experience for you all.

Great story, lucky guys! Never done this, always wanted to, jealous now... ;-P

What a great story....there's just nothing better than two guys at once! Although I've not had the dp experience, it sounds like an amazing time!

Oh, how I would love to see that tattoo first-hand! And I would lick it, and tickle it with my ****, too!<br />
<br />
I've had a number of DVP experiences myself, exactly as you describe... one guy on the bottom, woman riding him cowgirl-style, then me entered from behind! Unless the woman's ***** is quite loose, I usually have to insert my fingers into her ***** first, alongside the other guys ****, to make a small opening into which to push the tip of my ****. Once started, I can then slowly work it all the way in until my balls are on top of his. Generally, it is such a tight fit that we both achieve ******* fairly quickly, and that is a TRULY awesome feeling, to have my **** inside a ***-filled ***** with another **** alongside, and the feeling of both of our hot ***** surrounding us and leaking out!! Truly amazing feeling, that is!!<br />
I would LOVE to do it again with you... perhaps with your husband, or another of your lovers?

Holy crap, I need to try this

You're Totally Hot!

I have done this once and the other Guys D-$K was shorter than mine so I couldn't pull out very far or he would come out. But it is something I want to do again.great story... good times, good times

Wow 1 of the hottest stories I have read & from a very sexy lady even better

I love this story and wish I had been one of those friends!