Dping My Wife

We had some awesome swinger friends a year or so ago.  We've kind of lost touch, but while it lasted we were kind of an exclusive foursome; so exclusive that we were allowed to go bareback with eachother.

At one of our play dates, which had been quite wild for a while, we decided to try this.  My wife had been wanting to try for a while.  Both women were going to try, but the other woman chickened out before we got to her.

We'd read that it can push the guys to *** very fast; but as it wasn't our first of the evening neither he nor I were worried about lasting.  We had discussed several positions (it's not as easy as it sounds).

I got on the bed on my back. My wife got on top of me, facing me, put me inside her and laid flat down flat on top of me (a great position on its own, in my opinion).  We had him get in position behind her, straddling my legs and entered her with me.  Granted the guy on top has to do most of the work.  All my wife could say was "oh my god" over and over.  I had to concentrate on their rhythm to stay in (took a little practice, a few restarts).  It was great fun, my wife loved it.

Unfortunately we've never had a chance to do it again.  We haven't found a partner (male or couple) that we've developed a close enough relationship with to go bareback with since.  And my wife in particular, and I agree, think that was important for the proper sensation in this case.  Not to mention, we have no idea what the risks of rubbing two condoms against eachother might be, sounds like an easy way to loose one.

We'll keep looking, it's definitely on our do again list.

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6 Responses Feb 13, 2010

If you're still looking,.... ^^*

I'm about to do this with a friend of mine and his wife... watching **** video to see some best position

damn, i wish that was me! my wife confided that's her fantasy, so now i need to slowly walk her down the path!

im here for you

Penises are tensil and will alter thier shape. Vibrators are not. The sensation is mucho grande for all partners.

wouldn't work with my gal. i tried putting in a vibrator along with my penis and it was a no go. but she loved having it work the top of her opening as i made love to her