My First Dv

I have to admit, I don't really love Double Vaginal.  My ***** is small and it's uncomfortable when there are 2 ***** in there.  But there's just something taboo feeling about having two guys in your ***** at once!  This is a short but sweet story of my first.

I was at a party in Virginia with my boyfriend at the time and there were a few swingers there and some people were playing around here and there around the party.  I'd done a little swinging with my boyfriend so I was comfortable at that type of party.  Unfortunately, not much was really exciting so I was just standing around having a drink when two guys approached me.  They said it was their fantasy to both *** inside a girl's ***** at the same time.  I wasn't even sure what they meant, but the thought of having two strangers at a party ******* inside me at the same time gave me chills that still go up my spine as I write this, years later!

We snuck away from the party and they led me upstairs.  We looked around and finally found a bedroom and the guys closed and locked the door.  I don't really want to go into full detail of the sex because there was nothing that spectacular about any of it.  But after some oral and some ******* one of the guys got on his back on the bed and asked that I climb on.  When I got on him and started ******* he pulled me really close so that my **** were resting on his chest.  Then I felt the other **** slip in beside his in my *****!  Now I understood what they meant!  It only took a couple of minutes before they started coordinating the ******* and then they were both shooting a load in me at the same time!  

After they came the guy behind me slumped over me and we just laid there in a  pile together until the guys went soft and slipped out of my *****.  Their ***** were a mess of combined *** so I licked them both clean.  They highfived each other and then thanked me for allowing them to do their fantasy!  I dressed, and we snuck back downstairs so no one knew we were missing!

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What a great story. Would you please add us? DP is great! We have only did it with a *****. Two ***** must be heaven for you.

A little nurse friend of ours and her boyfriend introduced my wife and me to double vag. My wife enjoyed being stretched so she really enjoyed it.

my wife love bareback DV *******, she comes so quickly ... niner awaits in the queue - next thing, double A !!!

thats ******* awesome !

your poor little ***** might get stretched into a big *****,heaven forbid. he he.
great story your a very hot writer have only read 3 of your stories now but every one was hot Thank you

I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** and would love to participate in : ) I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp. Stretching a ***** with my **** and another **** is absolutely a fantasy of mine...

really hot stuff...

I can understand it'd be a bit uncomfortable, but sounds so hot! Love to fill up your ***** that way.

Very very hot. The sensations and the naughtiness are enough to make me blow! It must be really hot to shoot in unison with the other guy! WOW


Wow! that was hot. Really good story!

wow i never even did dv...i dont think 2 dicks cud even fit in there! unless maybe if their both realy skinny lol.

We do this occasionally with one or another of our friends and you are right the naughtiness of it is great. Being inside with another man is a unique feeling and is true sharing.

That is such a hot makes me want to do the same thing with my wife.

Dunno it it's just a story, or an accurate autobiographical passage, but(t), either way -- you're hot and so's your story ! Thanks...

I liked you story really, really much

Wow. You don't generally even see pictures of two in the ***** together.

It is a wonderful experience for the men involved too, as long as you can get past the whole ****-to-**** thing. But hell, we're all just human beings, so unless you're some kind of homophobe, what's the difference? When you get right down to it, even in a DP, your **** is against another ****... there is only a tiny thickness of flesh between you.<br />
<br />
As for your vagina being too tight (ahhh, what sweet words!), the DVP experiences I've had are all with women who have had children and have a vagina that has been a bit stretched out. But each time has been a wonderful experience for all involved!

I love your story! Like PDXsubcuck says, it is hot, nasty and taboo... that is what makes it so sexy and fantastic! My only problem is that I would probably be so excited with the entire experience that I would *** too fast! That feeling of a hot juicy tight ***** combined with another guy's **** rubbing against mine! Damn! I can imagine you got off several times and still do whenever you are being double ****** in your *****!

My wife's ***** isn't all that big and we have only done this a few times but she loves it. She says it is well worth the trouble. Every time we have done it is has been like she has had one giant continuous ****** the whole time both ***** are in her. The ****** seems to go up and down in intensity but it never stops. She was having such an intense experience the first time I was worried something was wrong.<br />
<br />
Her lover and I were both a bit thicker than average so it took some effort for both of us to get in her but when we were it was wild. We both were bare and it was hot to feel him coming in my wife and watching and feeling her reaction to our *******. Yes, it is hot, nasty and a bit taboo but my wife and I find it very, very hot! She loves it!

I just love double vaginal, nothing feels as good as it in my opinion.

I share the exact same fantasy, thought I was the only one...thanks for sharing!!

Oasis, as always your sexual experiences are very hot

From a guy stand point, it has always struck me as a lot of work for very little return.

I make a wonderful point about sex. Sometimes we get off on the naughtiness of what we are doing over and above the physical sensation. You sound like a very hot woman!

Wow, u r a ****, luv u for that

wow, extraordinary story. I wish my wife were as brave as you!!!

This is the DV should move along to the DP group. ;) I do way more DP than DV...

I would rather do you anally if your vagina was already in use. Wouldnt that be better than 2 in there?

Personally; I dont want my **** touching someone elses.,,,Ill wait until theyre done....not my thing I guess...