Two Swords In One Scabbard

As I have written in another forum, I am married to two men simultaneously. The three of us always share the same bed, and many times when the heat was really on, I've taken them together inside me - one in my vagina and the other in my anus.

A few months back, I had a baby. A few weeks after my delivery, I started my sexlife again. To my dismay, I found myself a little wider than before. One night, my elder husband was copulating with me. Initially I felt good and full, but as my juices started flowing thick, I could hardly feel anything at all. I gripped his buttocks and asked him to plunge harder into me. He gave it all he had, but still I felt less than full. I saw my younger husband sitting on the bed besides us, stroking his own erection, as he awaited his turn. Then I had a sudden inspiration. I rolled over on top of my husband no. 1 and asked my husband no 2 to insert his penis into me from behind. He started licking my anus, to lubricate it, but I told him - "No, its my vagina, I want you to enter."

Now my younger husband has a larger penis than the elder, and as he squeezed my breasts and pushed his organ into me from behind, I felt so full as I had never believed possible. The two men were rubbing their meats against each other inside my vagina. I screamed with joy as they heaved in and out of me - together and alternately. They were madly excited too, kissing all over my face and neck and back, calling me their darling wife, their honey, their beautiful woman and so on. My ******* tore me apart. It was too good to last much more than a few minutes and they squirted their sperms into me.

After that we talked about it for a long time, both my men fondling and kissing me, and telling me how good it had felt.

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Great post. I, too, have had the pleasure of double ******* my friends wife with him. I loved it, my friend loved it, and his wife loved it. While we didn't do it every time we had a *********, it became a treat from time to time. We all thought it was fantastic! Great post, keep having fun.

Really hot story,my wife has done this,but not with me,she had two guys while I watched.It was great to see her *** so many times.

Very hott that u have done double vag!!! I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** : ) Would u ever do it again?? I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp.

I will soon try this hot stuff with a friend of mine and his wife... will come with the experience to talk about it

Good ******* story

My fantasy starts after I have watched **** sites. I particular enjoy watching ********. I imagine I was the women in that film. Am I have too much sex drive? I am in my mid forties. I feel so lady-like if I am **********! I am too scared to tell my husband of my true feelings.

I wish I can marry two men like you. It's like dream come true. However, would you know who is the father when you are pragnant?

So jealous of you!

I hope to have dp one day!

wow your lucky married to two?

Wonderful story! I've been part of a DVP scenario on a few occasions myself, and it was certainly wonderful for me, and in each case, the woman seemed to be very, VERY satisfied! I would absolutely LOVE to be in a three-way relationship such as you have... one highly sexual woman with two eager-to-please men.

Amazing imagery.

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no I have never tried doubling in my anus, and when I am fully aroused, my vagina does not need extra lubrication.

hello , i'm ahmed from dubai, i really love you so much and love your lucky husbands too how i wish to find amazing people like you here ... and actually want to ask you 2 questions , do you use any lubricant when you have double penetration ? and what about doubling your yummy anus ? did you try doubling your rectum ?

oh they are never shy. They enjoy each others' nudity. When they are mating with me together they often grope for each others' bodies. They love it when I try to take their penises bunched up in a single hand, or rub them against each other or try to take them together in my mouth. <br />
They do help each other. We all try to adjust so that each male can pump into me at a comfortable pace whether they are entering in two holes separately or together in my vagina.

I lo** you for that,,,u r really very exciting personality. What the special positions that u use can u elaborate on that? whats ur favourite position with them? what do they both like? do they get shy with each other seeing each other naked? they they help each other for a proper penetraion?

Thanks rreexx. We have this about once a week maybe. Especially after I am feeling very wet after a lot of sex with them, or we're feeling specially excited.

how often do you enjoy this type of F***? your hubbies are really very lucky to have you....L*** you for this.....

Me and my girlfriend dreams about it. the three of us ( me, her and her husband) to have a nice hot ********* as you did, but her husband wont, he don't even want to talk about it.

I just think its weird for my **** to be rubbing against someone elses in there. Maybe Im just homophobic?

My dear dvijay, haven't you seen **** films? The human female vagina is incredibly elastic.

I dont think its possible to have double penitration in that position.But if you had enjoyed ok I like you.

I'll try asking my hubbies for permission.

Thanks for the offer. But right now, I'm being entirely faithful to my two husbands.