The first time I saw a dove, was when I was six years old. One was playing along a flock of pigeons and I pointed and asked my mother, "how come that pigeon is all white?" She explained that it was a dove and must have gotten lost in the city. I never heard of a dove, before then... and ever since that day, I had a huge fascination of them. :-)

I do believe that doves are angels. They sometimes carry the spirits of those who've past on. For example, when my mother was having a tough time with the passing of her parents (my grandparents), two doves flew up the very tall building that she was in, and hoovered outside the window of the office! She tried to point it out to the man she was talking to, but they had left at that point. It's wasn't meant for the man to see, only her... and apparently my little brother too, who was also there. It was my grandparents telling her that they were okay and not to worry. And probably a quick hello to my little brother too! :-D

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I am an angeldovegurl.

Lol especially if it's cold and the sun is all warm and out it just doesn't feel right

Yeah I like those clouds too because it's usually sunny here in California so sometimes there aren't enough clouds

I shall stare at soon as I escape from school in about 3 hours :)

I would like it to be clouds that reassure me

Though there no one close to me has died, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that telling me things are gonna be okay.

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I've always believed that doves carry the spirits of loved ones to and from the next plain. Infact, I was just looking it up the other day when I found this song called Flight of the Dove by a band called Copper Cell. As I was listening to it, it kind of enforced everything I believe in and just now when I was reading your story the song came back to me. <br />
Here's the link to the song...<br />
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Thanks for sharing this great story,<br />
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